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  • noun

Synonyms for hunk

Synonyms for hunk

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

a person regarded as physically attractive

Synonyms for hunk

a well-built sexually attractive man

Related Words

a large piece of something without definite shape


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LOST IN THOUGHT: Kylie out shopping in London; MILES AWAY: Hunky Olivier in Los Angeles; THIGH'S THE LIMIT: A right knees-up; NEW: Album out next month
The 31-year-old interviewed the boys from Blue for Cosmopolitan magazine and is quick to reveal the "amazing chemistry" between her and hunky Duncan, who has bought her naughty knickers with filthy slogans.
Hunky Chris Packet, 23, who plays one of the bouncers, said: "Down in Bristol it has been amazing.
Especially the bits where the frisky women finally slipped out of the saddle and into the hay, with said hunky man, who was ever happy to play second fiddle.
The author is usually a hunky 22-year-old who breathlessly asserts that allowing your boyfriend to sleep with other guys is the ultimate form of trust.
Giovanna Mezzogiorno feels passion for pastry - and for the hunky banker across the way - in ``Facing Windows.
HUNKY Brian O'Driscoll was allegedly in fine form at the first birthday party for trendy nightclub Spirit.
Freeman, a leading photographer for the Australian gay magazine Blue, captures a vast mix of hunky Australian men--ranging from sports stars and Olympians to soap opera heartthrobs--against the majesty of the continent's gorgeous shoreline.
Anyway, along the interstate, Clive and Gypsy encounter some dream- dashing types: a karaoke hostess (Karen Black) whose stab at lounge singing glory never really cut; a hunky runaway Amish fellow (Anson Scoville) looking for very non-Amish excitement; and a hunkier frat boy (``Road Trip's'' Paulo Costanzo) with closet urges.
Big Cheese melamine plate, pounds 10, Hunky Dory Home
2 Blue Gate Crossing Lovely Taiwanese tale of a budding lesbian and the hunky boy who wants to date her.
Star Jennifer Aniston was there with hunky hubby Brad Pitt, whose long blond hair is all shaved off.
THE controversial Hunky Dory babes could be making a stunning comeback next year, the Irish Daily Mirror can reveal.
In mid October the former Boyzone member got beaten bloody by hunky hubby Andrew Cowles at London's celeb-studded restaurant the Ivy.
Saucy newly single Sharon Stone arrived with hunky French actor Lambert Wilson.