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Synonyms for hunk

Synonyms for hunk

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

a person regarded as physically attractive

Synonyms for hunk

a well-built sexually attractive man

Related Words

a large piece of something without definite shape


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Will Moira, who is married to the hunkiest man in the Dales, has three children and i s not noticeably unhinged, return Marlon's ardour, or will this chef be left holding the wooden spoon?
But standing in her way is Lucas Ruiz, Ibiza's hunkiest hotelier.
But, it seems there just aren't enough of these winsome waiters to go round, and recruitment manager Caroline Rhodes is a woman on a mission to enlist Merseyside's hunkiest men for the job.
Somewhere between thinking Abigail Breslin is cute, deciding who's hunkiest -- George Clooney, Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig -- and checking out Jennifer Lopez's neckline, you may start wondering who is going to win best picture at the end of the evening.
Be a rugby widow no more: reclaim your place in front of the TV as the hunkiest, chunkiest players in the world do battle in Oz this month.
SINCE New York-born Gwyneth, 30, made her movie debut opposite John Travolta in Shout 12 years ago, she has starred alongside some of the hunkiest men in the business - and fallen in and out with a number of them, too.
The hunkiest of the finalists by far (so what if he's married with a kid), the Oceanside, Calif.
Mistiest, mustiest, muskiest, huskiest, hunkiest, funkiest, luckiest fun stick
He may be the star of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and thus Sherwood Forest's hunkiest green-garbed guy, but he insists, "I never thought I was sexy, and I don't believe it now.
In the June 19 issue (on newsstands June 16), TV Guide Magazine celebrates father's day by naming TV's hunkiest dads.
OLD tribute singer is aiming to be on top of the world as he takes part in an international contest to nd the hunkiest man on the planet.
The busty model has dated some of the hunkiest men on the planet and is a pin-up for males all over the globe.
Asked out by the hunkiest guy at school, Mandy (Tisdale) thinks all her dreams have come true.
But they still insist home is where the heart is - and where the hunkiest men can be found.