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HUNKER DOWN If we are to hunker down once more, we need somewhere to do so.
But rather than just hunker down in defence of our lives and life-styles could we not take every opportunity for honest dialogue with those who see things differently from us?
Rather than hunker down and focus on the floor, Chamecki holds her upper body erect and gives herself to the audience.
It is not necessarily a book to hunker down with and read for pleasure, though.
Richard Ossoff said, "While we won't cancel any campaigns, we will adjust timing, change intervals of mailings" ("Publishers hunker down for war," p.
The modest dimensions let Pittman hunker down and almost suggested a sense of pictorial humility; such little pictures made one attentive, sensitizing and slowing one's response to the things that happen in them.
Target shooting means careful work; you don't just hunker down and let it fly.
Announce a crisis in our institutionalized forms of leadership, and most of our neighbors would hasten to stock up on canned goods and hunker down in their basement dens.
You can either watch each presentation unfold at random on large screens at the end of the gallery, or hunker down cross-legged and shoeless on tatami mats in front of a line of televisions.
To miss the mosquitoes, hunker down in the early evening.
MENTION "COMPLIANCE" TO A HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR AND you'd better hunker down for an involved discussion of billing, liability, and related issues.
Instead of heading straight back to their base with their detainees in a ground convoy, the 100-odd Rangers and Delta commandos were forced to hunker down around the first crash site, as Aidid's forces converged on them from across the city.
Moat Builders - These board members and managers believe the best strategy is a defensive one: hunker down and wait for the crisis to pass.
Indeed, our forebears did use the long, dark winters to hunker down - a hibernation of sorts, enforced by the lack of light.
A tropical storm is heading towards the island, but DI Poole can't hunker down with a rum cocktail as he investigates the murder of a boffin, played by guest star Matthew Horne (right).