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  • verb

Synonyms for hunker

to stoop low with the limbs pulled in close to the body

to sit on one's heels


Synonyms for hunker

sit on one's heels

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Hunker enjoyed signing copies of the book for customers.
May the armed potatoes hunker in their bunkers of dark, the roots and tubers, rammed into their silos, give no ground, the skunks and weasels hold their tedious sleep against heaven, we'll go with the sweet scent of woodsmoke, the brief season of leaf-mold and midge, the short-lived, the perishable quick bright thing.
Indeed, our forebears did use the long, dark winters to hunker down - a hibernation of sorts, enforced by the lack of light.
The message was to hunker down because they were going to be utilized more than they were the first half of the season.
We can help alleviate the worst effects of global poverty, or we can hunker down in fortress America.
In these prickly political times, it's hard to escape the compulsion to hunker down and seek refuge in the familiar.
Hunker found Columbus likeable enough to spend the following fifty years of his life there; he is currently a professor emeritus at OSU, and has raised four sons in the city.
But 18 months after the height of the dotcom madness, the stock market has lost 16 per cent of its value, trading volumes have dried up and companies hunker down.
To miss the mosquitoes, hunker down in the early evening.
With Bruce Vladek in charge, should nursing home managers hunker down and (as usual) expect the worst?
It is not necessarily a book to hunker down with and read for pleasure, though.
The modest dimensions let Pittman hunker down and almost suggested a sense of pictorial humility; such little pictures made one attentive, sensitizing and slowing one's response to the things that happen in them.
You can either watch each presentation unfold at random on large screens at the end of the gallery, or hunker down cross-legged and shoeless on tatami mats in front of a line of televisions.
The 21st century requires more of the last superpower than to hunker down in fortress America behind walls of suspicion and technology while a world of need struggles to talk to somebody inside.
Flinn, Vice President, Operations for Klondike Star Mineral Corporation (OTCBB:KDSM) is pleased to report that Klondike Star Mineral Corporation has acquired from Klondike Source Limited (KSL) subsidiary, KSL Exploration (Yukon) Limited, the exclusive right to purchase an undivided 100% interest in one or more claims in the DOM block located at Hunker Dome block located at Hunker Dome in the eastern part of the Klondike goldfield.