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  • noun

Synonyms for hunk

Synonyms for hunk

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

a person regarded as physically attractive

Synonyms for hunk

a well-built sexually attractive man

Related Words

a large piece of something without definite shape


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According to sources the new Hunk is likely to borrow its engine from the recently launched Xtreme Sports motorcycle.
The HUNK takes our biologics stability tools line up to the next level," said Taegen Clary, Sr.
Last summer, I asked Hunk in the lobby what was going to Stanford.
Download Hunk or get started with Hunk through the Amazon EMR console.
Prior to this, the 26-year-old hunk admitted to having a crush on the "Come and Get it" singer and also posted a video on his Instagram account where he is playing acoustic guitar for her.
In early 2011, the Ultimate Hunk was awarded Best Asian Model at the Asia Model Festival Awards, held annually in Korea.
s - and I got to star alongside Nick Byrne and what kind of hunk is he?
HOLLYOAKS hunk Ashley Taylor-Dawson is coming to Coventry and you could win VIP tickets to the night.
Stape loses his cool after spotting Rosie snog the hunk outside a club.
It doesn't take long to turn that engine into an expensive hunk of junk
Coca-Cola GB is seeking a new hunk to front a multimillion-pound Diet Coke TV ad campaign aimed at reinforcing the drink as one for the ladies.
The Hunk Machine is even more entertaining than The Vampire's Visit.
Not many people know this, but I actually exercised on the quiet in my bedroom which came in handy just the once, when a very large intoxicated hunk cast aspersions about my phsyique and I challenged him to who could do the most press-ups.
Borrowing the poses of classical sculpture and the materials and realism of Rodin, Quinn places the idealized human form on the chopping block, replacing it with a hunk of meat.
It must be karma that last night was perfect as Lanie spent the greatest evening of her life in bed with hunk Will.