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Synonyms for hungry

Synonyms for hungry

desiring or craving food

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Synonyms for hungry

feeling hunger


(usually followed by 'for') extremely desirous

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And when they went away, leaving comfort behind, I think there were not in all the city four merrier people than the hungry little girls who gave away their breakfasts and contented themselves with bread and milk on Christmas morning.
Or perhaps she was just an old rogue who was in the habit of sending out pinched and hungry boys to deceive the public?
We were told the opportunity was good, as there was an increase of population in the camp, an increase of population in the city; both, we were told, were full of gentlemen, very rich and very hungry.
Here the poor famishing wanderers had expected to find buffalo in abundance, and had fed their hungry hopes during their scrambling toll, with the thoughts of roasted ribs, juicy humps, and broiled marrow bones.
It is well worth while to get hungry and thirsty merely to discover how much gratification can be obtained from eating and drinking.
Bagration's exhausted and hungry detachment, which alone covered this movement of the transport and of the whole army, had to remain stationary in face of an enemy eight times as strong as itself.
There was a delightful fragrant odor of fresh bread in the town, and this made the little girl more hungry than ever.
By to-morrow morning," the boy went on, "we must go where there is something to eat, or we shall grow very hungry and become very unhappy.
A few minutes later he came suddenly upon Bara, the deer, asleep beneath a tree, and as Tarzan was hungry he made a quick kill, and squatting beside his prey proceeded to eat his fill.
Martin shook his head, but he had failed to keep back the wolfish, hungry look that leapt into his eyes at the suggestion of dinner.
He kept the fire brightly blazing, for he knew that it alone intervened between the flesh of his body and their hungry fangs.
One of them--the hungry girl who had counted the strokes of the clock--took Francine's part.
Button-Bright gave a deep sigh and said he was hungry.
A Fox came across him, and being very hungry ate him up.
Two Poets were quarrelling for the Apple of Discord and the Bone of Contention, for they were very hungry.