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Synonyms for hungrily

in the manner of someone who is very hungry


References in classic literature ?
Athelny, eating hungrily, praised loudly all he ate.
With a piteous wail of terror, Jane Clayton swooned, while, from the concealment of a nearby bush, Numa, the lion, eyed the pair hungrily and licked his chops.
An examination of the wreckage showed that their greatest danger, now, lay in fire, for the flames were licking hungrily at the splintered wood of the wrecked cabin, and had already found a foothold upon the lower deck through a great jagged hole which the explosion had opened.
He who had discovered her squatted there looking hungrily up at her.
Wilson staggered up menacingly to prevent the contemplated act, but when his comrade, Spider, took sides with Clayton and Monsieur Thuran he gave up, and sat eying the corpse hungrily as the three men, by combining their efforts, succeeded in rolling it overboard.
He stopped in the middle of the open space and looked wistfully and hungrily back at us.
He drew her lips to his and kissed her hungrily and passionately.
His gaze wandered often toward her lips, and he yearned for them hungrily.
A tongue of flame sprang up the mizzen, reached hungrily for the lowest tier of canvas, missed it, and vanished.
So frightful was the speed with which we displaced the water, that a wave rose up on either side our bow and foamed aft in a series of three stiff, up-standing waves, while astern a great crested billow pursued us hungrily, as though at each moment it would fall aboard and destroy us.
Fully a score he could count, staring hungrily at him or calmly sleeping in the snow.
The streets were full of people who had worked indoors all through the priceless day and had now come hungrily out to drink the muddy lees of it.
The workers looked hungrily at him, and then jogged onwards upon their way in slow, lumbering Saxon style.
Once, glancing back, he saw the wolf licking hungrily his bleeding trail, and he saw sharply what his own end might be - unless - unless he could get the wolf.
And how hungrily Leslie's eyes looked at the bookcases between the windows!