hunger strike

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a voluntary fast undertaken as a means of protest

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First they went on a "dry hunger strike", then they switched to the wet hunger strike.
He said their hunger strike till death would be continued till acceptance of their demands.
Darjeeling (West Bengal) [India], Aug 14 ( ANI ): The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) will suspend its 25-day long hunger strike today.
An agreement with Israeli authorities just hours before the start of the holy month led to the prisoners ending their hunger strike.
The national committee for championing the prisoners' hunger strike, which announced the strike, called on all Palestinian citizens at home and abroad to go to rallying points and solidarity tents at 11:00 am to participate in massive angry marches and protests.
No one expected that the hunger strike would necessarily force Israeli authorities to concede or change course concerning its heavy-handed approach when it comes to Palestinian prisoners.
BEIRUT: Palestinians in Shatila held a day of solidarity Thursday in support of the 1,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails currently engaged in an open-ended hunger strike that started mid-April to protest harsh conditions inside Israeli prisons.
Qaraqe told WAFA the Israeli Prison Serive (IPS) suggested to meet with leaders of the mass indefinite ae1/4oeFreedom and Dignityae1/4Ci hunger strike to discuss the hunger striking prisonersae1/4ao demands.
The hunger strike in Turkey was launched by 13 Kurdish prisoners on February 15 and has since been joined by another 174 inmates.
Presently, all the jail inmates are observing hunger strike.
The speaker Sindh Assembly met with MQM leaders in the hunger strike camp and heard their reservations.
The Free Mahienour campaign launched an event calling on Facebook and Twitter users to write about the Qanater prison hunger strike.
KARACHI -- Pasban e Pakistan general secretary Usman Moazzam and four other prisoners have gone on hunger strike in the Central Jail Karachi against the violation of jail manual.
NNA - The Israeli parliament approved Thursday a law allowing prisoners on hunger strike to be force fed if their life is in danger or they face chronic health problems, a spokesman said.
These protests culminated in the hunger strikes of 1980-81 and the deaths of ten men, including, most famously, Bobby Sands, whose election as MP for Fermanagh-South Tyrone while on hunger strike sparked the electoral rise of Sinn Fein.