hunger strike

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a voluntary fast undertaken as a means of protest

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Ben Jaafar called on them to end their hunger strike but they said they would do so only if the social demands of their region (Sidi Bouzid) are met.
The statement said the three Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike for several weeks ago and that they are on the brink of death.
According to Sarahneh, up to 2300 detainees observed a partial hunger strike while Ramallah-based ministry of Detainees indicated that among a total of 4700 detainees languishing in Israeli jails up to 319 suffered under Israeli administrative detention while 534 received life sentences by Israeli courts.
The phone calls may have been permitted as a result of an announcement three days earlier by the families that there were starting a "rolling" hunger strike to focus more attention on the fate of the men.
The record hunger strike until now was 94 days in 1920 by a group of Cork prisoners.
Mohammad Al Jasem went on hunger strike on Wednesday, a day after he was summoned by the state security to be questioned over statements he said and wrote and which were deemed offensive.
Two people have gone on hunger strike including former All Ireland Winning footballer John Guinan.
According to the ICRC, they found her well and also that she was not on hunger strike as alleged by some quarters,'' said a press release issued by the junta.
Earlier this year Glasgow Ice Cream Wars killer TC Campbell went on hunger strike after an appeal against his conviction was turned down.
The protesters, including a 70-year-old Tibetan, began their hunger strike March 10, the 39th anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day.
When asked how long his reverse hunger strike will last, he replied, "As long as it takes to call attention to these problems and start reversing the trend.
RAMALLAH, August 9, 2015 (WAFA) The Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC) Sunday said that the number of Palestinian prisoners who joined the open-ended hunger strike in Israeli jails have reached 148 prisoners.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Administrative detainee Khader Adnan who is on the 54th day of a hunger strike, is likely to die at any minute, his attorney Jawad Boulus said on Saturday morning.
Released activist Mahienour El--Massry begins hunger strike.
All the Palestinian political prisoners have joined the hunger strike today in solidarity with the administrative prisoners, who have been on hunger strike over than 29 days.