hunger marcher

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an unemployed person who participates in a hunger march

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Then, the Tory answer was to follow debts with cuts, lack of demand with more cuts, mass unemployment with cuts so savage hunger marchers stalked the land and towns like Jarrow, in the northeast of England, and Clydebank were said to have been "murdered".
It has erected statues of the Jarrow hunger marchers in Newcastle and Eric Morecambe in the town that bears his name.
It is 1921, the Great Slump just beginning, hunger marchers straggling up to London from Wales.
Back in Oxford he was stirred by the plight of the Jarrow Hunger Marchers, who passed through Oxford on their way from northeast England to London to protest against unemployment.
On a more sombre note, he records in his journal watching a column of weary hunger marchers passing by on their way to London.
After a performance of Showboat in Drury Lane, he emerged from the theatre and these hunger marchers from Wales were having an impromptu sing-song.
Londoner Penny went to Spain in 1936 after losing her job at her hospital for nursing the Jarrow hunger marchers and was posted to republican mobile medical units.