hunger march

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a march of protest or demonstration by the unemployed

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The misery of food vouchers, poor relief, unemployed men being forced to break stones contrast dramatically with the camaraderie of the Hunger March on London.
From which town in north-eastern England did the famous 1936 hunger march start?
Among the first of these was the 12,000-strong Hunger March in Edmonton on December 20, 1932, which the Royal Canadian Mounted Police suppressed with sadistic abandon.
NEW DEPRESSION: Could we see a return to hunger march era?
Only weeks before Rivera arrived, a three-thousand-strong hunger march to the River Rouge car factory had ended in a violent confrontation in which three workers died.
Two years before Mr Cable treated those boys and girls to their buns, Wales witnessed what we called The Great Welsh Hunger March.
The 200 Jarrow lads were on a hunger march, their families struggling for existence in a town suffering 80 per cent unemployment.
Last summer, Marianne set off on her first hunger march, from Tredegar to Westminster, often sleeping rough on the way.
In 1986, he wrote a show called Heads Held High to be performed on the route of the 50th anniversary of the Jarrow to London hunger march.
I know what Gramps meant because this year we celebrate, if that's the word, the 100th anniversary of the Great Welsh Hunger March, the first of many.
Adolf Hitler had come to power in Germany, and in Britain the Jarrow hunger march was only four short years away.
He was amazed to see men singing on the street - Welsh miners who had just completed a six-day hunger march to London.