hung jury

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a jury that is unable to agree on a verdict (the result is a mistrial)

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Co-produced by Niemann, Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury was one of The New York Times' Top 10 Albums of 2010 and featured Niemann as a writer on 10 of the 12 songs.
A passage in the new chapter reads: "In England and Wales, juries in criminal cases are directed to reach a unanimous decision and it's only after hours of deliberation and when that can't be reached - a hung jury - that the judge will allow a majority decision.
Geragos said he believes prosecutors could have a difficult time winning a conviction -- and that a hung jury with no conviction or acquittal is more likely.
Typically when you have a hung jury and the case gets retried it is better for the prosecution than the defense; and this proves it again," said Peter A.
The trial ended in a hung jury in 2007 and the actor admitted a misdemeanour rather than face a re-trial.
A HUNG jury could leave a solicitor who has been accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice facing a second trial at Cardiff Crown Court.
Thus, in 87% of the disagreements about guilt or innocence, the jury was more lenient than the judge was, and in 79% of the disagreements arising from a hung jury, the jury was more lenient than the judge.
A May 2008 trial ended in a hung jury, and Darui's attorneys challenged the truthfulness of testimony by the prosecution's key witness and the mosque's prayer leader, Abdullah Khouj, a Saudi citizen who was hired to lead the center in 1984, the same year Darui was brought in as its director of security.
Ringleader Twomey has already faced three trials over the robbery but evaded justice thanks to a heart attack in the first and a hung jury in the second.
THE trial of a Royal Marine commando accused of attacking a female guest at a company masked ball ended with a hung jury yesterday.
In a release put out after this month's hung jury, Faro headlined that it had been "vindicated by [the] mistrial verdict," and that the opposition had "failed to prove their case that we infringe.
There was a hung jury and the charges were dismissed.
Nichols had been facing a retrial on charges including rape and false imprisonment, after his earlier trial ended in a hung jury a week ago.
Quattrone's first trial ended in a hung jury, with jurors reportedly deadlocked on the charges.
Based on looks, you're less likely to get a verdict than a hung jury.