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Synonyms for hundredweight

a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms

a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds

a British unit of weight equivalent to 112 pounds

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dollars per hundredweight whereas the same values averaged about 64.
8 million hundredweight, a close second in Canada to P.
40 per hundredweight annually to the average discount to Western cattle producers, compared to their Midwestern competitors.
I'm carrying hundredweight bags of flour and sugar and butter.
The Tepee may be the size of a small lorry, but it's massively distinckids loved the thing, it hundredweight of floor tiles without blinking, and was genuinely fun to drive.
The board receives its financing through a mandatory 20-cent per hundredweight assessment on all fluid milk processed and marketed commercially.
The low price of milk is one culprit: it's down from $17 per hundredweight (12.
The dictionary covers a wider range of terms than parasitology; some virology terms, such as Aino virus, are included, as are some far afield terms, including hundredweight, hydrogen half-cell, and zwitterions.
50 per hundredweight to cover the cost of scrap, energy and transportation.
The 15 major potato states in the USA held 267 million hundredweight (cwt) of potatoes in storage as of Dec.
rice import projection 500,000 hundredweight (cwt) to a record 14.
He estimates that the 80 or so cooperative members experienced yields of 1-2 hundredweight per cuerda, or on the average one tenth of normal yields.
Australian Christine Foster died when a one hundredweight piece of sandstone crashed on to her head as she served in an Edinburgh bar.