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  • noun

Synonyms for hundredweight

a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms

a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds

a British unit of weight equivalent to 112 pounds

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The plant, which uses six million hundredweight of potatoes per year, was built at a cost of $150 million.
72 per hundredweight discount for cattle fed from hay lots only, compared to cattle fed on pasture only.
rice import projection 500,000 hundredweight (cwt) to a record 14.
He estimates that the 80 or so cooperative members experienced yields of 1-2 hundredweight per cuerda, or on the average one tenth of normal yields.
Australian Christine Foster died when a one hundredweight piece of sandstone crashed on to her head as she served in an Edinburgh bar.
77 per hundredweight over similar cattle sold without the verification.
We lived in Stour Street, Ladywood, and every Friday after school my sister and I had to take the old pram up to the coal yard at the top of our street and fetch a hundredweight of coal.
4 million hundredweight, while for the 2013/14 it could be 61 million bags.
7 million, or a return of 15 cents per hundredweight for our members," he said.
66 per hundredweight quarter-to-date, a nearly 24% increase relative to average costs of $58.
But on top of that, St Oswin's has the second-heaviest set of bells in Northumberland, with the heaviest bell weighing a ton and the lightest weighing five hundredweight.
While CWT was operating its herd retirement program, members paid 10 cents per hundredweight on its members' milk volume.
Tony Wale caught a hundredweight of carp and bream when he pole fished pellets on the Match Lake at White Springs.
Millions of tons of coal were extracted, a lot of it at the rate of 45 hundredweight per man shift, 61% higher than the national average.