hundred dollar bill

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Find your dog's equivalent of a one hundred dollar bill.
I believe out of that sixty-seven dollars out of a hundred dollar bill, probably half of that is going to be spent on software, and I mean microcode, firmware, and post resident software as well as fabric resident, which happens to run on a processor hidden inside the fabric.
If this idea catches on, watch out for Colombia Charlie, a bloke with a lot of gold fillings and a hundred dollar bill up his nose covered in white powder.
Drag a hundred dollar bill through an Arkansas trailer park and you never know who'll surface.
Another bill supporter, former acting Secretary of State Tony Miller, said allowing insurance companies to make contributions to the commissioner is like ``allowing the player to hand the umpire a hundred dollar bill as he slides into home plate.
He pondered my answer for a few seconds and then offered me US$ 5, 000 cash for it, pointing towards his briefcase, claiming it had enough hundred dollar bills inside to cover the transaction.
Meanwhile, back in Massachusetts Liza Machett discovers thousands of hundred dollar bills among books and magazines in her mother's decrepit and cluttered home when the old lady is taken to a hospice, where she son dies.
We're sort of driving down the road with the windows open and hundred dollar bills flying out the window for no reason," said economist James LeBas, a former Texas chief revenue estimator who testified on behalf of two oil groups.
Inside was a very thick stack of hundred dollar bills.
Or maybe the winners walked up and down a busy street handing out hundred dollar bills.
Keep a spare credit card and four crisp one hundred dollar bills in different places throughout daypacks, luggage, and with your passport.
They also discovered $800,000 in cash - much of which was in hundred dollar bills.
Yes, from Yemen to the Sudan and now to Mauritania, there is no doubt in the observer's intuition that our beloved northern neighbors have a hobby of pouring their dough on the barracks of deprived soldiers, who are all of a sudden awash with hundred dollar bills, which they could never in the past dream of seeing with their very eyes, let alone holding in their very hands
In fact, our underpaid soldiers are now tasked with literally handing out truckloads of cash in stacks of hundred dollar bills to Iraqi militia members, many of whom are members of (or allies of) al-Qaeda and other groups that are killing our troops.
Larry Stewart would take to the streets every December to dish out cash to those who looked like they needed it most, sometimes offering several hundred dollar bills at a time to delighted recipients.