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Synonyms for hunched

having the back and shoulders rounded

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When we sit down, it's probably not long before most people unintentionally find themselves in a slouch, hunched over the keyboard.
It lengthens our spine by inviting us to stand fully upright, rather than hunched over our computer," Gilats added.
People who are hunched project a cringing message and do not get listened to as well as those who stand up straight.
There is the tendency to sit in a hunched position when working on computers and laptops, putting a lot of strain on the neck.
And yet I see each time I read "On Patrol," there is Dave Spaulding shooting sort of hunched over, evidently bringing his "eye to the gun.
They found that those who regularly slouched or hunched their backs were more likely to experience side stitches, and the poorer their posture, the more severe their stitches in exercise.
2 : to draw up close together or into an arch <The cat hunched its back.
Last year, Del Monte hunched a chilled range of juices under its Juice Bar brand, while a range of 100% pulped-fruit juices called I Am Fresh was developed by Orchard House Foods.
To be hunched in March, "Georisk" will cover a range of research and practice areas including geohazards (earthquakes, rock falls, tsunamis, etc.
The announcement was made while the company officially hunched crankshaft forging production at the Decherd facility.
I was locked into a crooked grind when the last half of a man--thin hair, a hunched back--began to spit rhetoric about my lack of historical deference.
She sits hunched in corners and hugs the walls while passing between classes.
NEW YORK cowboy Ramblin' Jack Elliott is hunched over a guitar on a small stage in the intimate Taylor John's House.
Twellman, his back to the goal, hunched over to head it onto the path of Pope, and the veteran defender drilled it past Japan goalkeeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi.
Deller announced that he would recommend to the college council that the school dose on May 31--just seven months after it hunched an $8.