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Synonyms for hunchbacked

characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column

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But Richard's story was embroidered by William Shakespeare who, in his sensational history play, retold the story with Richard in the role of the hunchbacked tyrant who slaughtered is way to the throne by the murder of young princes in the Tower Of London.
Bartolome is a hunchbacked, crippled dwarf in seventeenth century Spain.
MY CABBIE took me on a long ride into what looked like the stairway to hell, with the silhouettes of the only form of life, trees that looked like hunchbacked old men swaying gently to the breeze redolent of the sea, competing for attention with stacked- up containers looking forlorn in their desolation.
A vertebral compression fracture forces a vertebra to collapse, and the spinal column above it to assume an abnormal forward curve, resulting in considerable back pain and a hunchbacked appearance.
The crown passed to the Tudor monarchs who, with the help of William Shakespeare, painted Richard as a hunchbacked villain who stopped at nothing in his quest for power, even murdering his two young nephews to secure the throne.
Although Webb suffered from spinal TB, which made him a hunchbacked midget, his immense popularity helped topple racial barriers as he became the King of Swing at Harlem's only racially integrated nightclub.
RIGOLETTO Sarasota Opera artistic director Victor DeRenzi opens the company's fall season by conducting this Verdi classic about a hunchbacked jester (Marco Nistico), his innocent daughter (Maria D'Amato) and a lustful duke (Hak Soo Kim).
YOU'D be forgiven for thinking Patsy the coconut-clapping, hunchbacked servant was Todd Carty's first role in a musical - because, until our conversation, that's exactly what he thought too.
Cray boats, homeward bound, hunchbacked with empty pots, sun-faded
Shamu, because she was a hunchbacked, reverse-sheered whale whose only saving grace was an amazing turn of speed that had pushed her to several TransPac victories.
The puppet theater features Karagz ("black-eyed" in Turkish), a hunchbacked trickster who tries to make a living by hoodwinking Turkish officials and generally avoids all manner of honest work
To see Cunningham's dancers dressed in Kawakubo's hunchbacked, padded, checked leotards, I would have done anything.
Now 63, he's enjoyed a career as an actor, singer and dancer that includes the 1973 Tony Award for his lead role in the musical "Pippin," about the hunchbacked son of Charlemagne.
Hunchbacked, with a chuckle he will share the secrets of his heart, and give a warning to city doves assembling at his feet, to sparrows quarrelling on Neptune's head.
With an austere hunchbacked father and a grim Christian mother a girl (identified only as "Sistermine" by her sibling) and her brother (Jesper) grow extremely close after their grandfather's suicide.