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Synonyms for hunch

Synonyms for hunch

intuitive cognition

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

to stoop low with the limbs pulled in close to the body

to incline the body

Synonyms for hunch

an impression that something might be the case

the act of bending yourself into a humped position

Related Words

round one's back by bending forward and drawing the shoulders forward

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com is the ideal launch partner to showcase how Hunch's taste-driven algorithms can provide highly-relevant, customized recommendations," noted Shaival Shah, VP of Business Development for Hunch.
As I say, it's only a hunch but hunches do come off - usually when I don't back them.
Using VisionTEK's UNITY(R) system, Kennedy broadcasted information about her hunch directly to the patrol vehicles.
Nigella ignores the Lawsons to research her mother's side of the family and see if her hunch that there must be some exotic Spanish blood in there is correct.
Sometimes (Toledo) will say, `I've got a hunch, I'm going to do this.
If upheld, that conclusion would bolster scientists' hunch that CP violation is key to antimatter-matter disparity.
A more extensive analysis of 35 pairs of songbird species has clinched that hunch.
The researchers confirmed their hunch by isolating Wolbachia DNA from the fruit flies and showing that an antibody that binds to the bacterium marks the particles.
His hunch paid off: He found an undiagnosed malignant melanoma on the mother's arm.
I preferred Hans Zimmer's mesmerizing work on ``The Thin Red Line,'' but on a hunch, I'm going with that other World War II film, ``Life Is Beautiful,'' to win.
Mark Thompson, Director of Research at The PELORUS Group, observes, "You no longer have to hunch over a tiny keyboard or wade through an endless series of voice prompts.
Azar Farahani had a hunch that her first child also would be the first baby of the new year in the San Fernando Valley.
New research has confirmed that hunch and shown that the amount of this chemical in a plant determines the degree to which it fights off current and future infections.
At the time it sounded less like a hunch than a hope.