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Synonyms for humus

partially decomposed organic matter

a thick spread made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic

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The moisture comes largely from the warmer, underlying humus, by evaporation, so there is a complete hydrological cycle - water vapour goes up, distils as dew, and soaks back into the soil.
As research into and classification of humus forms (or HC) has a long history in many countries, it is understandable that there exist many different terms and notions, which in fact explain similar or approximately similar features or objects (Koshel'kov, 1961; Rozanov, 1983; Sapozhnikov, 1984; Prusinkiewicz, 1988; Jabiol et al.
The plate also shares the attraction that the Humus has, with the diversity of colours.
Pasados los tres meses, se realizo el analisis final (caracterizacion) del humus resultante.
The humus range has been entered into this years Food Review/ Symrise New Product Competition.
To our knowledge, there are no studies on humus balances of compost fertilisation experiments together with other efficiency and environmental indicators, which combined provide a picture of GHG emissions.
Luego de 15 dias, momento en que se alcanzo un 84 % de yemas brotadas y habia evidente emision foliar, se procedio a realizar la aplicacion de aspersiones foliares con los siguientes tratamientos: T1= agua destilada (testigo), T2= humus liquido al 10 %, T3= humus liquido al 25 %, y T4= humus liquido al 50%.
Dark-grey soil is characterized by high humus content in dark-humus horizon (about 10%) and the content is lower by 1.
Besides humus is a critical feature of soil fertility, that is specified by all scientists.
01 mm), which concentrates 95-100% of humus and clay minerals.
En este trabajo se estudia el comportamiento de la dinamica de algunos parametros fisiologicos-reproductivos de la lombriz Eisenia foetida, utilizando como alimento el residual de cacao puro y combinado en diferentes proporciones con estiercol vacuno y las caracteristicas quimicas del humus formado, con el fin de determinar las variaciones que se producen en la eficiencia del proceso de lombricompostaje.
Leaves are one of the main ingredients of the dark, rich humus that covers the forest floor--nature's compost.
03% respectivamente), mientras que en medio Humus se observo disminucion en la biosintesis de AEP a medida que se incremento la irradiancia de los cultivos.
Os tratamentos resultaram da combinacao de tres fontes organicas (esterco bovino, esterco ovino e humus de minhoca) e quatro proporcoes dessas fontes (0;20; 40 e 60%, correspondendo a 0,00; 0,36; 0,72 e 1,08 L recipiente-1) em mistura ao solo e areia (3:1 v [v.
The interrelationships of ecosystems' bio and geo components are reflected regularly in the topsoil (epipedon) fabric, which is determined by humus cover type (or humus forms).