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characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column

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It has a humpbacked look, but it also delivers more power than any similar air rifle of the same size and cocking effort.
Four of the 16 humpbacked wide-bodies were pulled from service in 2014 as Delta moves toward retiring the entire fleet by 2017.
On Tuesday afternoon, soon after we pitched our tents at the head of a humpbacked ridge called Disappointment Cleaver, the sky darkened and began spitting pellets of snow.
Through the development of humpbacked and orca whale skeleton exhibits, long distance programming, web activities and teacher portal offerings, Kelly and Melissa provided a wealth of meaningful opportunities to appreciate these marine mammals and their significance to Glacier Bay.
This first episode also contains elephants, some cute lion cubs, an even cuter mouse-like creature, the Long-Eared Jerboa, a baby humpbacked whale and some more meerkats.
There was enough light left to maybe spot something metallic shining in the grass, but there was nothing unusual except the dark, humpbacked shape of the camel who greeted him at the fence.
Was the humpbacked genius in cahoots with the referees?
Commercial success has proved elusive for the 747-8, the latest update to an almost 50-year-old plane known for its distinctive humpbacked fuselage.
In its final act, Spacey played the humpbacked Richard III for Mendes and took the evil king on tour.
from "Communion with Mary Lou Williams") His boat with one oar, his music that floats, his quilts for the weary, how he whispers, Lie back , with his humpbacked back, his crooked-letter back, stirring his sundown tonic.
Their skins were so brown almost looked like humpbacked cheesy baps.
The humpbacked Beluga has been modified to transport large cargo, such as aircraft parts, and cargo can be loaded and unloaded through the front of the aircraft.
Washington, July 5 ( ANI ): The Great Barrier Reef humpbacked conch snail jumps when it senses the odour of its main predator, the marbled cone shell.