humpback whale

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large whalebone whale with long flippers noted for arching or humping its back as it dives

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A humpback whale calf injured in Sydney Harbour should survive an 80cm gash because of it's thick layer of blubber and protective mother.
During the summer months humpback whales leave the Poles to breed in the warm waters of Praia do Forte.
Among the dozens of sightings he and his team had spotted on board their ferry over the weekend was a rare humpback whale.
Between 27 July and 28 September 2009, a total of 43 trips aboard a whale watching boat were made to study humpback whale distribution during the wintering season (June-October) along the coastal area between Los Organos and Cabo Blanco off northern Peru (Fig.
We did record a humpback whale song with the repetition of distinct stereotypic phrases,' Dr Gales says.
Giant humpback whales have been filmed breaching in the sea three miles off Hook Head, Co Wexford, providing some of the most dramatic wildlife footage ever shot around the coast.
Both North Atlantic right whales and humpback whales frequent the Sanctuary and have for centuries.
Our country is the top place in the Caribbean for whale watching; more than 50,000 tourists visit the humpback whale sanctuaries in the Dominican Republic every year," Ramirez says, as he waits to board a whale observation boat in Samana Bay in the northeastern part of the island of Espanola.
This contribution investigates the relationship between the distribution of humpback whale groups and some of the physical and geographic features that may be related to or determine whales' spatial distribution; specifically water depth and slope as indicator of underwater topography.
A Swansea coastguard spokesman said: "It's very unusual to see a humpback whale in these waters.
The International Fund for Animal Welfare took out a full-page advertisement in Wednesday's edition of The Australian that calls on Australian Prime Minister John Howard to challenge Japan's ''provocative'' plans to hunt Antarctic humpback whales, when he meets with Abe during APEC.
According to Aloha, the name Koholalele (literally "flying or leaping whale") honours the humpback whale.
on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, there was the story of a 45 to fifty-foot female humpback whale who had become entangled in a web of crab traps and lines.
AMID THE REPTILES AND DUCKS appearing as brand images in insurance commercials, Pacific Life chose the humpback whale as its icon to represent strength, longevity and endurance.
A current prey biomass removal rate was modeled by using an estimate of the 2002 humpback whale abundance.