humoral immune response

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an immune response (chiefly against bacterial invasion) that is mediated by B cells

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It must be noted that the absence of the humoral immune response to both doses of the YP total extract could indicate that the immunization scheme did not induce detectable levels of anti-F1 antibodies.
Interleukin 4 and Interleukin 5 produced by TH2 cells play a role in the mechanism of proliferation and differentiation of B cells into memory B cells and plasma cells that contribute in generating immunoglobulin, which is a humoral immune response [7,14].
Antibody response to sheep red blood cells (SRBCs): In control (PBS) and administered (vitamin-E; beta-glucans) chickens, humoral immune response was detected by haemagglutination test in terms of antibody titers (geomean titers; GMT) to sheep RBCs on day 7th and 14th after first and second injections of SRBCs.
Haemagglutination antibody assay: Haemagglutination antibody (HA) assay was used for the evaluation of effect of herbal drugs on humoral immune response of rabbits against SRBCs (Ranjithet al.
TLR4 activation strongly enhances Th1 type cellular and humoral immune responses and typically induces robust IL-12 production (Ulrich et al.
The humoral immune response is initiated upon the recognition of antigens by antigen-presenting cells (APCs), which activate naive T cells in the form of T helper cells.
05) ameliorated the deleterious effects of OTA on humoral immune response of birds against ND, HPS and IBD as reflected by increase in the respective antibody titers.
Effect of HIV vertical transmission on the ontogeny of T cell antigen involved in the regulation of the humoral immune response, Clin Exp Immunol 1995; 102: 238-42.
Humoral immune response to antigen of porphyromonas gingivalis ATCC33277 in chronic periodontitis.
Effect of boosting on the humoral immune response of the animals was also evaluated.
Importantly, IL-4 and IL-10, which are key regulators of the humoral immune response, were undetectable before and after treatment.
Importantly, 1L-4 and IL-10, which are key regulators of the humoral immune response, were undetectable before and after treatment.
To evaluate the humoral immune response of broilers against sheep red blood cells (SRBC) were used as antigen.
In Section 2, we establish the nonnegativity and boundedness of solutions and we derived the basic reproduction ratios for viral infection and humoral immune response [R.