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Synonyms for humongous

(used informally) very large

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The song showcasing the regal beauty performing the traditional folk dance ghoomar has received a humongous response.
We are looking forward to strengthening our relationship with Humongous Entertainment and advancing the brand with future titles in the Blue's Clues CD-ROM line that continue to reflect the show's play-along sensibility.
Celebrating the launch of Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch, humongous.
In an attempt to overcome his fear, Sam ventures into the land of darkness only to discover that Darkness is really just a lonely person who has no friends because when he comes out at night, everyone is asleep," said Ron Gilbert, Humongous Entertainment cofounder and Pajama Sam designer.
The partnership between Tom Brady and Humongous was handled by Steve Dubin and Donald Yee of Los Angeles-based Yee & Dubin Sports.
The inert oval heads look like humongous pieces of candy.
The Company sells its products through a large network of retailers, as well as at Boyds Bear Country(TM) in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - "The world's most humongous teddy bear store.
We are under humongous pressure to answer members on why there are delays.
I refer to the humongous 1950s-style television out of which the Company Rep's production of ``The Comedy of Errors'' spills with such manic verve.
Most of the site's content comes from author, guide and fly fisherman Ken Abrames, whose current article tells us how much he's looking forward to the fall, not to watch football but to catch some humongous stripers.
Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch (Humongous Entertainment) - Another terrific educational game for children ages 3 to 8 from Humongous, who seems to do these things pretty well.
With that in mind, Cortez joined forces with his best friend, Thomas Bepko, and founded Christopher Thomas with the intention of creating and selling hats that would "speak to a humongous variety of people in all walks of life.
GT Interactive releases software under a number of labels, including Humongous Entertainment, Cavedog Entertainment and Oddworld Inhabitants.
A four-floor, 120,000 square-foot barn overlooking Pigeon Forge from it's hillside perch, The World's Most Humongous Teddy Bear Store, Boyds Bear Country features not only the full-line of world famous plush teddy bears and friends, figurines, gifts and home decor of The Boyds Collection, Ltd.
But the welcome mat is out for Boyds Bear Country(TM), "the world's most humongous teddy bear store," as it comes to Tennessee.