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Moss clumps are often at the bases of trees, on fallen logs and limbs, on hummocks of herbaceous vegetation (Fig.
rock glaciers, scree slopes, patterned ground, earth hummocks, debris cones, solifluction lobes and solifluction terraces.
The archaeological sequence uncovered contained the following layers (Garrod 1942), from top to bottom (Figure 2b): Layer A, Early Bronze to Recent; Layer B, Upper Natufian; Layer C, containing abraded, re-deposited material eroded from Layer D; Layer D, made up mostly of breccia containing Upper Levallois-Mousterian implements, had suffered intense erosion, and its surface "scoured into deep hollows separated by hummocks of harder material which had resisted erosion to a greater or less extent" (Garrod 1942:3).
Early in the spring, the Horse Keeper one Big Cardinal so called, crossed over to the main land, North side to where about one hundred Horses were grazing amongst low Hills & hummocks of light wood, a beautiful hilly country interspersed with small lakes abounding in all kinds of wild geese, swans, ducks &c.
Matthew Rohrer's first book, A Hummock in the Molookas, was chosen by Mary Oliver in the 1994 National Poetry Series, and published by W.
Not far from the lighthouse on Kalaupapa's point are a stone canoe launch and a rocky hummock of burial platforms.
Suddenly I deep-banked to avoid a snow ridge line, then nearly collided with an ice-glazed hummock.
My mind is still a bit hazy from having hit a hummock of snow that some chump ahead of me had piled up with his fallen torso.
Hummock Pond, only yards away over the scrub, has calmer swimming.
The probability of lack of contact of the pipeline with hummock for some time period can be accepted as a design level of reliability and calculated as (Surkov, 2000):
5 m on the plain Vegetation Herbfield: Cladium teretifolium (A), Hypolaera fatstigata, Leptospermum lieversidgii with some Banksia robur, Gahnia sieberia, Epacris pulchella and Sphagnum moss Mico-relief Sharp-sided hummocks, 30-40 cm high in the valley but merging into linear hummocks on the plain ('whorled hummock formation': Coaldrake 1961) Depth (cm) Profile morphology 0-23 Rrownish black (2.
Hunters ignite a line of dry spinifex by quickly flicking matches or dabbing a fire-stick into the occasional hummock as they walk along in search.
To complement the land donated on Kiawah Island, developer Michael Casa of Orange Hill Plantation will donate an additional 375 acres of hummock islands and marsh near the Tidal Creek Medical Center.
It can be a height of land, a hummock of ice, or any place of elevation that affords an observer a clear view of their surroundings to make good observations.
You crouch on a small dry hummock in the midst of the seemingly endless wetland grasses of the Everglades.