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Synonyms for humming

a humming noise


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the act of singing with closed lips

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Worried locals have taken this situation to all platforms of the social media to question their hearing as the hum began to be unpredictable in its duration, timing and intensity which affected those with constant humming.
Humming Puppy is a yoga experience that has evolved from traditional practices in a stunning space that literally resonates with a perfect hum," said Jackie Alexander, co-founder of Humming Puppy.
They didn't get it," he said after humming it then breaking into song.
A CROAKY voice can be improved by humming, say researchers.
Composer Suk-Jun Kim invited people to hum a song that reminded them of their childhood and record it at a humming booth set up at Seventeen Belmont Street.
14], DTW was used to create the distance vectors between humming sequences and the reference template, and these feature vectors were applied to the chosen classifier, which is support vector machine (SVM).
In a study published in the journal Animal Cognition, researchers at the University of London found that dogs were more likely to approach a crying person than someone who was either humming or talking, and that they normally responded to weeping with submissive behaviors.
I WAS most intrigued to see the evacuation of Kedleston Street in the Dingle reported in the ECHO (July 25), as for the past three years I have heard a distinct humming sound beneath this street and nearby Ullet Road, and others have commented on it too.
The Fall Seasonal Humming Ale from Anchor Brewing Company (San Francisco, CA) is described as a "bold, hoppy" 5.
TWO neighbours thought they were suffering hearing problems when they experienced a strange humming noise - until they realised it affected them both.
Valley Idol can't lose for trying: Katharine McPhee, Sherman Oaks' gorgeous and talented entry in this year's "American Idol" show, displayed her brimming confidence this past week by humming "The Monster Mash" while chewing on a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich.
Whether alone or in company, I find myself humming "Bob the Builder" (I have a 3-year-old son).
Whenever I imagine a Festival fourth day I think of the humming bird.
Although some Tuxedo Park functions will relocate elsewhere, apparently those in charge reached the conclusion that as a complete, stand-alone facility it was not carrying its share of the load in invoice printer humming.
Over time I learned that he was following the music and phrasing through his humming.