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Synonyms for humiliated

subdued or brought low in condition or status

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made to feel uncomfortable because of shame or wounded pride

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This may lead them to feel more humiliated and oppressed, as it will reinforce their feeling of being rejected by the people closest to them," he added.
When the families of detained youth visit their loved ones, they, too, are humiliated," he deplored.
McGhee, who only took over in January, said: "I feel humiliated with our first half performance.
How can I become a hero when I have been humiliated.
Finally, the court heard how Weedall had humiliated a woman who wet herself, saying "there's been a tsunami".
However, when they get to the strip search part, it breaks them and they are humiliated.
Although the Turks understand the need for security, "the order to take off their clothes broke their spirits and humiliated them.
Summary: MK Dons humiliated Barclays Premier League new boys Norwich in the second round of the Carling Cup at Carrow Road with a four-nil victory
PNN -- The Palestinian women that was detained and humiliated by Israeli soldiers, in video that appeared on YouTube plans to sue.
Which prompts the questions: Why wasn't she in Good Hope Hospital and why the hell didn't she remember how others are routinely humiliated in this programme?
We were called in for the ceremony only to be humiliated,a€Y Ahmed Al Dharmaki who is the assistant coach was quoted by an Arabic newspaper.
A MERSEYSIDE shopkeeper says he feels humiliated after his business was targeted in a racist graffiti attack.
EVERTON footballer Victor Anichebe said he was humiliated, upset and angry after being confronted by police while window-shopping.
I felt so humiliated, shocked and and nearly had a heart attack after his inhuman act.
Tel Aviv regime needs such moves to repair humiliated spirit of Israeli officials after being defeated by forces of the Lebanese resistance movement in summer 2006 (July-August)," Hosseini stressed.