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make (more) humid

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It is expected that the captured rain will produce about half of the watering needs while also serving to humidify and chill the tower's ten-story atrium as necessary.
Rainwater from the roof is collected in a large concrete gutter and is collected in a central cistern from which it is used to humidify the building's atmosphere.
The pastures that replaced forests don't humidify the winds as well as forests do and are better at warming the atmosphere.
Moisture that evaporates from the pebbles will help to humidify the air.
boiler steam was released to humidify an electrical components manufacturing plant in Ohio.
Heavy cast teapot, $50; many stove users leave a teapot boiling on stove to humidify house, as fire tends to draw moisture out of air.
It can humidify a house of up to 2,000 square feet," Ulrey said.
You can also place a bowl of water in the room which helps to humidify dry air.
The plants within them humidify and cool the air in hot weather.
Covered with a moist membrane, turbinates humidify and warm air going into the lungs and dehumidify air on its way out, thus cutting down on water loss.
Indeed, OSHA's findings are that there are adverse health hazards associated with poor IAQ including an assortment of ailments such as "sensory irritation, respiratory allergies, asthma, humidify fever, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and Legionnaires' Disease" to name just a few.