brachial artery

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the main artery of the upper arm

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At his first presentation in our department we noted the lack of pulse in both radial arteries, an exhausted venous capital in the right upper arm and the possibility of performing an arteriovenous fistula between the humeral artery and the medio-basilic vein in the left arm.
The posterior circumflex humeral artery descends superficial to the axillary nerve and passed through the quadrangular space.
The anterior circumflex humeral artery arose from circumflex scapular artery.
Whereas in this present case, on the left side, the third part of axillary artery gives rise to a common trunk, this divides into subscapular artery and cirumflex humeral artery [FIGURE 4A].
The posterior circumflex humeral artery may arise from the profunda brachii artery and pass back below the teres major instead of passing through the quadrangular space (Johnson & Ellis, 2005).
In up to 30% of the cases, the subscapular artery can arise from a common trunk with the posterior circumflex humeral artery.
The fibromuscular slip between the Brachialis and Brachioradialis forms a fibromuscular tunnel underneath which lies the Radial nerve along with descending branch of posterior circumflex humeral artery.