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any substance that is added to another substance to keep it moist

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Rice syrup is also a natural humectant, consisting of dextrin, maltose, maltotriose, and a small amount of glucose.
Chewy," high-moisture cookies should contain natural humectants, such as maple syrup, honey, or vegetable glycerin.
Tint -AYD AQ colorants are based on a dual humectant technology platform that delivers VOC compliance (< 1 g/l, per RAL UZ 102).
Today's "regular" moisturizers offer occlusive and humectant activity, he explained.
Sore noses, chapped lips, dry hands, wind-whipped faces, Nivea Creme will help fix all of these as the moisture acts as a humectant, drawing more moisture to the upper layers of the skin and forming an occlusive layer on the skin to protect from further cold weather.
In foods and beverages glycerine is used as a humectant, solvent and sweetener, and may help preserve foods.
Scent-free, antibacterial Scent-A-Way Extreme Moisturizing Field Foam, with aloe vera and a natural humectant, moisturizes as it cleanses to prevent skin from drying, cracking and chapping.
The scientists measured the combined effect of aW, pressure, the duration of treatment, temperature and the type of humectant used on the HP inactivation of E.
HydraSoft technology contains a neutral, odourless skin-friendly, humectant moisturiser combined with dimethicone, which forms a protective barrier that blocks attacks from foreign substances and prevents the skin from drying out.
RHODES, GREECE -- Lactamide monoethanolamine, a lactic acid-derived humectant commonly found in over-the-counter lotions and bath gels, appears to be beneficial for the treatment of cradle cap, Virginie Ribet, Ph.
Under the agreement terms, Sankyo Pharma will transfer to STADA its 11 proprietary items including endermic antiphlogistic Mobilat and circulatory enhancer and humectant Hirudoid.
Celebration FreezeThaw is a blend of sugar, glucose and the humectant sorbitol.
Lavender is particularly hydrating, healing and soothing and benefits the psyche (for instance lavender is calming) look for ones containing humectant ingredients, like honey (which attract and retain moisture).
On top of all that, dried figs contain a natural humectant, which helps extend freshness and moistness in baked products.