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Synonyms for humbleness

lack of vanity or self-importance

Synonyms for humbleness

the state of being humble and unimportant

a humble feeling

a disposition to be humble

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aThis comment irritated the Prime Minister and leader of GERB, Boyko Borisov, who called for atolerance and humbleness.
Doesn't that go against the humbleness a religious person is supposed to possess?
If you persist in the humbleness of the forest floor, there's a little light and lots of creatures running around knocking you over - but if you persist through that the big trees will go and it will clear" - TV star Mark Rylance waxes lyrical in his advice to young actors.
NOT KNOWN to be frugal with words, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday suggested defence scientists to learn humbleness from ' rishis' as he asked them to stay focused on their work.
Yet despite its lowly status, Jose Mourinho (right) has always taken this competition as seriously as he takes himself, despite his humbleness.
Replying to a question, the minister said that PML-N reacted after the General Election Inquiry Commissions (GEIC) report with humbleness and thanked Allah Almighty for proving its stance correct.
Dhaliwal's humbleness further attributes his bravery to his attire.
I have always felt that too much praise kills humbleness and make people arrogant.
I will spare no efforts in the battle for the title with humbleness and with the determination to make this the most important year of my career.
Attitude is important, so is humbleness, Bartoli says.
This allowed me to experience first hand this man's generosity, humbleness and greatness.
He said that His Highness the Amir's selection for this post has not come by chance or through mediation but through his humbleness, diplomatic ties and the way he treats his own people as well.
Meanwhile, ODI captain AB De Villiers said that Kallis' experience and tactical nous would be missed in the Proteas' environment, along with the professionalism and humbleness with which he went about his game.
And well, I accept that with all the gratitude and humbleness," Ranaut told (http://www.
NNA - The vice president of the Islamic Shiite Supreme Council, Sheikh Abdel Amir Qabalan, urged politicians to demonstrate humbleness by forming a unifying cabinet, calling as well to work for the election of a consensual president on time.