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Synonyms for humbleness

lack of vanity or self-importance

Synonyms for humbleness

the state of being humble and unimportant

a humble feeling

a disposition to be humble

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I point out with all humbleness and satisfaction that while the element of corruption is impossible in these
It will teach them about humbleness, forgiveness, perseverance, love and compassion; values, which have been portrayed by President Khama, making him a prosperous leader he is today.
I try to maintain a level of humbleness to this," he says.
The picture has drawn quite a positive reaction from the masses, who have hailed the humbleness of the premier.
Traditional values, respect, humbleness, equality and transparency among the people have made this country the safest.
Work, work and only work for satisfaction with patience', humbleness and serve the nation.
While one may assume Njeim's talk on women's empowerment was a classic pageant stunt in a Q&A, this advocator for Arab growth, beauty in perseverance and humbleness during success, genuinely urged for unity and mutual support in the entertainment industry.
At that date, people are to go out to the place of prayer showing humbleness, submissiveness and neediness of Allah, the Exalted, as Ibn 'Abbas ( may Allah be pleased with him) said: "Allah's Messenger, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, went out to perform the Prayer for Rain showing humility, humbleness, and submissiveness, and supplicating (Allah).
I want to capture this sense of tranquility and humbleness too.
What I loved most about this handsome talent was his warm demour and a humbleness that on first glance made it hard to distinguish him, from the crowd.
I believe Professor Ramesh is deserving of this award because he exemplifies what it truly means to be a mentor while portraying humbleness and fulfilling his duty to the fullest, not only as a teacher but also as an educator who cares about his relationship with his students," wrote Shamout in her nomination letter.
I introduce (these measures) in all humbleness as I am perfectly aware that the issues at stake today are difficult," he said.
There are no words that can convey the comforting power of nature, the sense of a different time and sweet humbleness one feels standing at the feet of giants.
The extent of Outen's many achievements are matched only by her reflective humbleness.
It's high time wise heads in the FPM took the ear of its leaders -- Gebran Bassil most of all -- and advised a path of modesty, humbleness and humility, if they are truly to turn people's heads.