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The transportation of Ibn Sina required countless hours of planning and input from multiple Emirates group departments to ensure the humanoid was cleared for travel by the Dubai Police Authorities, the Dubai International Airport and Emirates' safety team.
The development of the humanoid robot head CoSyNA (Cognitive System, Neat and Attractive) represents the beginning of the development of a humanoid robot system.
Europe's hopes are largely carried by teams from Germany's universities but, with the crowd roaring them on, locals Team Osaka are the hot favourites to win the Humanoid Cup.
The main event is the humanoid league and local side Team Osaka have produced a two-footed robot that looks like a cross between Wayne Rooney and Buzz Lightyear.
In both two and three dimensions, he could transform the human body, whether the Venus de Milo or a heroic academic nude, into a chest of drawers with nipples for knobs--a kind of humanoid carpentry also explored by Picasso, not to mention Goya, in one of his most famous Caprichos, which depicts foolish women wedded to chairs placed upside down on their heads.
Honda Motors humanoid robot has been around - he's rung the famed bell at the New York Stock Exchange, met Spain's king, and even travelled with Japan's prime minister to Prague as a goodwill ambassador.
Quebec, Canada (with an assist from their factory in Hong Kong) has produced the first affordable entertainment humanoid.
The reality of these events is that low-cost, high-performance, computational power is now available to be embedded with humanoid robots, giving them the intelligence to perform an almost unlimited number of independent tasks.
A humanoid robot which can walk, talk and react to people will make its first UK appearance next month.
Shiny, sparkling, and undeniably cute--one critic describes it as looking like "a small child traipsing around inside a plastic space suit"--ASIMO is a small (4 feet), lightweight humanoid robot that can simulate the walk of a human being and has arms that can move in a realistic fashion.
This robotic urban search and rescue competition augments RoboCup's leagues of autonomous soccer playing robot teams (small size, mid-size, four-legged, humanoid, and simulation leagues), which have evolved considerably over the past 6 years of competition.
plans to develop a humanoid robot within a few years better able to communicate with people than similar robots devised so far, company sources said Friday.
At an opening ceremony, ASIMO, a humanoid robot created by Honda Motor Co.
Last year humanoid robots stole the show - and there will be more this year, including the Sony SDR-4X we previewed last week.