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Synonyms for humanness

the quality of being human

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Throughout this period, while new connections were being established between the laboratory and the market, helping science find monetary resources it needed to flourish, it was simultaneously being robbed of all values, by stripping the scientific community of its essential humanness which alone can keep it connected with the larger body of humanity.
I don't want to idealize play and imagination, here; again, this is the best and the worst of humanness.
He reminds us that all psychotherapies, wittingly or unwittingly, are based on a theory of humanness, a philosophy of life.
The time at which we define humanness is arbitrary, an expression of personal and social values" ("Scientists don't have answers on the abortion controversy", Aug.
Sometimes the only kind of humanness, self-expression, and social interaction happens there, but some facilities have completely dehumanized dining into a factory product line where they just throw the food down," she says.
We see Sulivan struggling with the finiteness of words in the face of infinity, and through the struggle, we see him create utter beauty out of his humanness.
operates throughout with a modern monadic assumption of humanness.
10] In it he poses the question, "Is it possible that we could alter our humanness itself by genetic engineering?
No, world generating appears everywhere; it is not a privilege of genius but a fact of humanness.
Passing seamlessly from perceptions of the real to the narration of events taking place in this imaginary world of cardboard soldiers (deployed in what the author calls "the visionary reality" he and his playmates "superimposed" on "the toponymy" and the topographical "configuration" of the "county"), Reda follows an unusual path, seemingly roundabout and even at times humorous, which actually heads straight into the essence of humanness.
Confronting the creative process will serve to sensitize one to this environment--to express one's humanness, ultimately to make the difference.
Perhaps this is consideration he shows me, at least acknowledgement of fellow humanness.
While the spots showcase the benefit of personal service, they also include a dose of TicketCity's fun and playful side by showing what that humanness brings in other scenarios, and what might be lacking without it.
Case examples and step-by-step encouragement contribute to this holistic overview of how spirituality is part and parcel of our humanness.
I really think transparency really levels the playing field for all of us and renders our humanness OK," she said.