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Erwin Panofsky, "The History of Art as a humanistic Discipline," 1940, Meaning in the Visual Arts: Papers in and on Art History, Garden City, N.
4) Bernard Williams, "Political Philosophy and the Analytical Tradition" in Bernard Williams, Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1980, 2006), 168.
When Panofsky began his essay on art history as a humanistic discipline by invoking the Renaissance notion of humanitas, and when he opened the iconological exercises of Studies in Iconology by reidentifying two paintings of Piero di Cosimo's as sequences in a narration of the story of Vulcan--the bringer of fire and technology to humanity--he contributed to the "man-the-measure" vision of the Renaissance, the same vision which made so much of Pico della Mirandola's "Oration on the Dignity of Man.
And no words can warn us more against the sham methodologies and literary fashions that have been allowed to invade and to deflect our loyalty to the humanistic disciplines and the common culture.
My professional training is in cell biology, so this review does not stem from special expertise in any of the humanistic disciplines represented by the contributors.
They examine law as a humanistic practice, drawing on the ideas of humanistic disciplines such as legal philosophy.
This edition of Clinical Oncology brings together a balanced overview of all aspects of cancer medicine, including the scientific, clinical, and humanistic disciplines, which affords the reader an invaluable resource.
Bunker believes that much of the autonomy previously enjoyed by legal theory, including that relating to free speech, has been called into question by cross fertilization from other disciplines, especially social sciences and humanistic disciplines (p.
These 12 papers explore the role of race in the formation of knowledge and the role it "has played in the construction of humanistic disciplines, specifically: their content of study, as well as methods, methodologies, theoretical presuppositions, disciplinary boundaries, the exclusions such boundaries enact, and the inclusions these boundaries are predicated and built upon," to quote editor Braziel (English and comparative literature, U.
I feel very strongly that too many philosophers have lost touch with different sciences and humanistic disciplines.
If the method employed in setting up the topic appears labored at times-- the description of the individual humanistic disciplines in Chapter Ills almost necessarily less brilliant than the claim about their shared discourse at the end of Chapter I--the professions of faith that punctuate this book and breathe life into its pages are, remarkably, devoid of dogmatism and fired by conviction and intellectual maturity.
Blackburn), and the relationship between music and other humanistic disciplines in the context of early-to-mid Renaissance (Reinhard Strohm).
Consistent with his idea of total history, based on the literary culture of the national tradition, he not only included under literature Latin and vernacular works but also other humanistic disciplines.
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