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While we may, he observes, associate philology with dry-as-dustness and irrelevance, he aims to present it as the very life force of virtually all contemporary humanistic disciplines, the genetic material that binds "the modern humanities .
Erwin Panofsky, "The History of Art as a humanistic Discipline," 1940, Meaning in the Visual Arts: Papers in and on Art History, Garden City, N.
4) Bernard Williams, "Political Philosophy and the Analytical Tradition" in Bernard Williams, Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1980, 2006), 168.
The title of the introductory essay to Meaning in the Visual Arts, "The History of Art as a Humanistic Discipline," was meant to suggest the broader context in which art historians should work.
No less important topic, which will certainly be enthusiastically received by scientists representing humanistic disciplines, is the information provided by Minister Jaroslaw Gowin about the restoration of funding, as part of dissemination activities, printing of journals and scientific monographs.
The conference series encourages trans-disciplinary communication on issues related to the nature of water and its use and exploitation by society, and seeks to link the broad spectrum of social political sciences and humanistic disciplines with specialists in physical sciences, biology, environmental science, and health.
Biondo Flavio studied the humanistic disciplines in Cremona, developed a profitable friendship with Guarino da Verona, and served the Venetian mayor of Treviso, Francesco Barbaro, before ending up at the Papal curia in 1433, where he stayed for most of the rest of his life.
Seen in this extensive exhibition of thirty-two works made between 1967 and 1981, his art seems to have moved through the second half of the twentieth century like a two-faced Janus, both looking back to the encyclopedic culture of the Renaissance and forward to the coming millennium, in which changing relationships between action and image, letter and number, man and machine, exact sciences and humanistic disciplines would definitively subvert the stability of language and humankind's centrality in the cosmos.
For years to come, its innovative phenomenological approach promises to be at the center of debates in theology, philosophy, and other humanistic disciplines about what it means to be human and about the direction the humanities themselves should take.
Although various humanistic disciplines pay increasing attention to environmental problems, the crucial perspectives that the humanities can bring to the understanding and even resolution of these problems have hardly been acknowledged.
They examine law as a humanistic practice, drawing on the ideas of humanistic disciplines such as legal philosophy.
Philosophy is the mother of all humanistic disciplines.
First, while billed as an international and interdisciplinary work, the humanities are notably represented in this collection only by philosophers, linguists, historians, rhetoricians and critical theorists, causing me to wonder where anthropology, archeology, sociology and the other humanistic disciplines sit within this collection's envisioning of the Humanities.
As the Mediterranean has been the cradle of Western civilization, the project also favours connection with humanistic disciplines like history and art in order to raise young people who have awareness of the Mediterranean valuable resources and its enormous cultural heritage to be appreciated and strongly protected.
Given the increasing interest across the humanistic disciplines in theorizations of the "biopolitical" (coined by political theorists to describe the emergence of the "population" as an object and target of power, reaching its apex with Nazi state medicine), Mantegazza's work on public hygiene not only represents ah important chapter in late-nineteenth-century Italian biopolitical thought, but, taken as a whole, it also showcases the breadth of its reach.
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