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Synonyms for humanist

an advocate of the principles of humanism

of or pertaining to Renaissance humanism


of or pertaining to a philosophy asserting human dignity and man's capacity for fulfillment through reason and scientific method and often rejecting religion


pertaining to or concerned with the humanities

marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare

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The decision follows a hearing at the court today on an appeal by Northern Ireland's Attorney General, General Register Office, and Department of Finance, against the landmark High Court ruling on June 9th, which gave legal recognition to humanist marriages.
Moreover, her efforts to contextualize the popes' strategies and achievements by exploring the response of humanist observers, like Poggio, Alberti, Signorili, Lapo, Biondo, and Manetti, offers both complexity and verisimilitude.
At the moment, many people travel to Scotland for their non-religious Humanist wedding, where Humanist weddings have been officially recognized for some years, and where Humanist weddings are the third most popular type of wedding.
The Teesside Humanists are part of the North East Humanists (NEH), which is the largest Humanist group outside of London and the largest non-religious charity in the North-east.
Niose, a founder of the group, now known as the Greater Worcester Humanist Society, and treasurer of the national parent organization, the American Humanist Association.
But the claim is also made that the architecture itself is in some way humanist or humane and this is harder to justify.
The interpretive chapters show how, from the time of the conflict itself right down to recent times, the Reuchlin case has been viewed from various perspectives: as an expression of the pervasive anti-Semitism in the world of sixteenth-century Europe; as a clash of rival intellectual systems, pitting humanists against entrenched academic and clerical authorities; and as a prelude to the Protestant Reformation, since the incident discredited the theological guardians of orthodoxy right at the beginning of the religious crisis.
Humanist leaders in the United States are alternately amused and horrified by LaHaye's smear campaign against them.
Sheila Solarin, the matron of the Nigerian Humanist Movement and the widow of the late humanitarian freethinker Tai Solarin, gave an excellent presentation on the importance of humanism.
1941 was the year the American Humanist Association was founded and the Humanist magazine was launched under the editorship of Edwin H.
Reinhold Stauber, "Hartmann Schedal, the Humanist Circle in Nurnberg and 'the Expansion of the German Nation'"; and James Hirstein, "Ermalao Barbaro as Role Model.
We reasoned that one could be a secular humanist and at the same time be a liberal, libertarian, conservative, or radical.
Becca and Charles first contacted me in February asking if I could officiate their humanist wedding in April.
Sawyer; one law for all proponent, Maryam Namazie; blogger, Andrea Houston; executive director of the British Humanist Association, Andrew Copson; IHEU President, Sonja Eggerickx and Quebec activist and current PQ candidate, Djemila Benhabib.
The publication of this volume was occasioned by a decision on the part of the newly elected Committee of Management of the Civic Library of Belluno to organize a conference dedicated to the humanist Pierio Valeriano Bolzanio, a regional figure of "minor but not negligible" importance, and to certain other local learned figures who, in the 1400s and 1500s, constituted an important link between the town of Belluno (located a little over 100 rail kilometers to the north of Padua) and the rest of Europe.