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the quality of compassion or consideration for others (people or animals)

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People whose values stood for humaneness, integral development, inclusive unity and progress are conveniently pushed into oblivion and caricatured at times and persons whose words instigated divide and hatred are being resuscitated and given national prominence.
The vast majority of gun dog owners have come to recognize the benefits and humaneness of proper training with an e-collar.
On the other hand, all the ferocity, self-confident forcibility and engrossing narrativity notwithstanding, the ensemble have somewhat shorn the Smetana pieces of the flashes of humaneness through which the music can caress and move the listener by the Czech melodics.
Vincent reminds us again what a versatile comic he is -- full of disgruntlement and compassion, impeccable timing and a wonderful aura of humaneness.
Being content with the past stories can in no way affirm the sincerity and humaneness occurring now here and there.
Stories of Radwa Ashour's graciousness, the respect she gave to her students and colleagues, her ever willingness to learn, her modesty and humaneness as expressed in the meetings and phonecalls and correspondence between colleagues and friends and herself.
Salil Tripathi's wonderful book is marked by meticulous research, extensive and rigorous reportage, and a humaneness that never loses the broader perspective.
Full of eccentricities and casual, apposite quoting of literature, its tragicomedy and humaneness recall the best of John Irving.
These essays do not venture a prediction, but after reading the essays collected in The Sage Returns I am left wondering whether the Confucian revival will have an impact on the ruling elites' sense of social obligation, what de Bary has called the Confucian emphasis on the burden of humaneness--developing one's humaneness and moral clarity while working toward social justice.
The revolutionaries' stated goals were freedom, fairness and, above all, humanity, humaneness or humanness (lidskost, ludskos't).
The African tradition of hospitality, eagerness to learn and share knowledge, zeal to contribute, desire for peace, and enthusiasm to relate meaningfully to other cultures, are all positive attributes which indicate deep humaneness.
This incident, and the lack of humaneness of some people angers me and I believe we must take a firm stand and stop this.
The BVA which acts as a collective voice of the veterinary profession has come out in overall favour of the second pilot cull but has insisted that robust independent monitoring be closely undertaken to ensure the effectiveness and humaneness of the trial.
As for humaneness, Lockett's execution was botched - "inhumane" - in part because Oklahoma had to use a new drug regimen because antideath penalty advocates had successfully lobbied the maker of a component of an earlier formula to stop making that drug available for executions.
On a question regarding resolving the Kashmir issue, Jaitley said the matter needs to be solved through "Insaniyat" or humaneness.