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the quality of compassion or consideration for others (people or animals)

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Humaneness (Ren), the other Confucian virtue under scrutiny here, seems initially to be more familiar to Western notions.
IV How is a Common Standard of Humaneness Possible?
Lambeth suggests in his book, Committed Journalism, that journalists adopt a principle of humaneness in making news decisions.
In keeping with a humaneness that had not lost the solid ground of reality, a humanness in the midst of the reality of persecution, they would have had to say to each other: a German and a Jew, and friends.
Organization effects on client satisfaction with humaneness of service.
Our different religious and cultural traditions must not prevent our common involvement in opposing all forms of inhumanity and working for greater humaneness.
The Independent Expert Panel (IEP) found that shooting freerunning badgers in the first year of two pilot culling schemes in Gloucestershire and Somerset was ineffective, and failed to meet humaneness criteria.
The Independent Expert Panel appointed by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) to evaluate the pilots in Somerset and Gloucestershire, suggests that more than 5% of badgers took longer than five minutes to die, failing the test for humaneness.
Hence the comparisons between Aristotle's phronesis and its corresponding functional equivalent concepts in Confucius's accounts of appropriateness (yi the virtue of acting appropriately in various situations) and humaneness (ren, the highest Confucian virtue in which one's love for one's family members is gradually extended to one's fellow human beings in the wider community).
Saad Al-Tuwaijri said the crown prince was known for his humaneness.
The Interior Minister asserted that the royal reform project has anchored democracy in the kingdom, boosted popular participation through elected constitutional institutions which represent citizens' will and guaranteed basic rights and freedoms by promoting the concepts of humaneness, citizenship and respect of the law.
This new study will reduce the problems with current strategies by providing more efficient ways of targeting rodents, whilst improving the humaneness of control methods.
Among the topics are the quest for a rabbinic perception of a common humanity, the Lucan parable of the good Samaritan and its interpretations in Christian antiquity, Ibn 'Arabi as an example of the value of human life according to the Muslim narrative of Abraham's sacrifice, and assistance to the shipwrecked as a paradigm for humaneness in the ancient world.
Our church has always been with the nation and its aspirations for freedom, humaneness, and well-being.
The body is reduced to an othered, abject object that tells of the loss of humaneness in times of war.