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Extending SharePoint's content and workflow with human process management capabilities opens up tremendous opportunities for companies to manage their group collaboration around ad-hoc, unstructured human processes improve process efficiency and performance with lower cost and increased customer satisfaction," said Eyal Maor, CEO of ActionBase "Organizations will no longer need to choose between the flexibility of e-mail for reviewing the follow-up around team project and process activity, and the inflexibility of structured prebuilt processes.
Unfortunately, our modern "human rights" codes make this natural human process of expressing disapproval punishable by law.
New versions of the centralised event resource management solution Scheduler Plus and Scheduler Plus ii have been released by PeopleCube, a provider of on-demand Human Process Management (HPM) solutions.
Yeats humanizes the star, suggesting it is part of the human process, and thereby revises the traditional transcendentalism of the star in English poetry.
Within the faith community, Jesus shows a very human process of self-governance that attempts to avoid embarrassing people and searches for the gentlest way possible to rebuke the offender and reunite the parties.
Corbett called for understanding gender as a human process not limiting it to a semantic term.
Children, especially those who are touched by death of their loved ones and pets, need to learn that grief is not shameful, but rather, a natural human process.
The great strength of technology is volume and speed," he conceded, but "communicators have got to see communication as a human process.
It's all part of the human process of investigation, CONTACT: Dragonfly Magazine, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056/(513)529-8576.
That is because negotiation is based on context and it is a very human process.
As in the human process, this is the time when the risks of a miscarriage are high.
The human process does not always occur within specific time constraints.
The dilemma is that [enumeration], like any other human process, is flawed," says historian Margo Anderson of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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