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Rather, Courtly Encounters is a book for any scholar interested in what have elsewhere been called contact zones, beach crossings, or frontiers, for it is a book that forces us to ask questions about intercultural exchange that reimagine that exchange as a real human process, a history that always involved "learning by doing, even if not a perfect 'reciprocity of understanding' in the manner of Diderot" (30).
The message from the Albert Sherman Center could not be clearer: Good science, while grounded in funding and facilities, is primarily about bringing together the best and brightest minds to share in the ancient and quintessentially human process of shared discovery toward common goals.
The ISM should also be wary of over-applying technology and understand when a human process is more adequate to solve a given problem.
Paul would have considered the discipline and way of life which resulted from this conversion as a human process which only finds its 'warrant' in an outside authority.
Argument has been referred to as the umbrella under which all reasoning lies--"the more general human process of which more specific forms of reasoning are a part".
This type of human process management helps users negotiate the unpredictable influx of ad hoc actions, says Ukelson.
ActionBase, Tel Aviv, Israel a pioneer in human process management solutions (HPMS), has announced ActionBase for Microsoft SharePoint, expanding Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) with unstructured process management capabilities.
When that happens, the earth will replenish itself over 10 million years or so and if conditions needed to start life are right, and Darwin is right, then the whole human process will start again.
He said: "The human process of innovation has been haphazard.
Unfortunately, our modern "human rights" codes make this natural human process of expressing disapproval punishable by law.
New versions of the centralised event resource management solution Scheduler Plus and Scheduler Plus ii have been released by PeopleCube, a provider of on-demand Human Process Management (HPM) solutions.
Yeats humanizes the star, suggesting it is part of the human process, and thereby revises the traditional transcendentalism of the star in English poetry.
Within the faith community, Jesus shows a very human process of self-governance that attempts to avoid embarrassing people and searches for the gentlest way possible to rebuke the offender and reunite the parties.
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