human dynamo

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a highly energetic and indefatigable person

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And for all their frailty and smallness, they are each a human dynamo, endlessly curious about and engaged with the world around them, probing, testing, and (especially) tasting everything they can make contact with, while trying to figure out how to deal with a wide collection of other humans and critters who come into their space.
The smallest player on the pitch, Slater was a human dynamo as he threw himself into the game without a single thought for his safety, taking on anything and anybody all over the field with a defiance which rubbed off on everyone around him.
Where is there any firm proof that Beckham has re-invented himself as a human dynamo, strong enough and fast enough to cause palpitations to any left-back foolish enough to stand in his way?
TURNING yourself into something of a human dynamo could be good, if you were hooked up to the national grid.
The title, as Cox notes, could be interpreted to mean either human intelligence, which rules the machine economy; or God himself, "the original 'Source of energy' for the human dynamo and the guarantor of the principles from which human liberty proceeds.
Michael Gerber is a human dynamo on stage, relentlessly pacing to and fro to deliver his message--one that can't help but make business owners re-assess where they're heading with their enterprises.
She was five when his death in battle made her 'by the Grace of God, Queen of the Swedes, Goths and Vandals', and the little girl's council of regency soon realised that they had a human dynamo on their hands.
Jack East comes closer to being a human dynamo than any agent the writer has ever met and that takes in a lot of territory.
many times I was in the faculty coffee room when the human dynamo Monsignor Moses Coady swept in, fresh from telling the gommocks (halfwits) in Ottawa or Washington what he thought of them.
and how a mild-mannered, even- tempered president became "transformed after a car accident and subsequent coma" into a human dynamo of governmental (often unconstitutional) activism, vanquishing America's foreign enemies and restoring economic and social justice to a country ravaged by the Great Depression.
Amra Faye is the blonde, hard-eyed, sharp-edged, thin-faced Velma Kelly -an ex-jailbird who is a human dynamo giving no quarter and getting none in return.
Another obituary noted, "Convey was a human dynamo of energy, impulsive, tenacious when he was sure he was right, and uncompromising in a fight.
She is rugged and strong - a veritable human dynamo of creative energy and artistic achievement.
Photo In "The Net," Sandra Bullock plays yet another painfully ordinary woman who transforms into a human dynamo when a life-threatening crisis arises.