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This technology would help to find similar genes like MELK which may have a greater role in the proliferation of the cancer cells in the human body.
The Amazing Human Body series of more than a dozen books follows a tried-and-true format in each volume.
During the preceding the court was told that doctors involved in the trade of human body parts especially human kidneys.
She said, a common practice followed by most of the people is that they take lot of water and drinks at iftar time to quench their thrust but it is not a healthy practice and not beneficial for human body.
This book explores the ways biomedical engineers help diagnose, treat and prevent problems found in human body systems.
Human body data company Body Labs said on Monday that it has received the exclusive rights to two patents, USPatents 9,189,886 B2 and 2013/0249908 A1, issued to Brown University.
While this work is still a proof-of-concept demonstration, researchers envision developing it into an ultra low power wireless system that can easily transmit information around the human body.
The most important aspect of Fabrica was that Vesaiius based the illustrations on his own observations of the human body.
Vital is one of six Body Worlds exhibitions from world-famous anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens and celebrates the living human body.
The exhibition celebrates the living human body in its optimal state - healthy, vibrant, vigorous and in motion.
Healthline Networks' BodyMaps combines its unique semantic taxonomy and Visible Health Solution's high-quality anatomical content into a unique interactive 3D experience for users to visually explore the human body.
From bones draped in muscle and tissue to dissected parts of the brain, Bodies Revealed offers a unique glimpse inside the human body.
BANGKOK (CyHAN)- In Thai capital Bangkok, First Human Body Museum in South Asia has been opened within the University of Chulalongkorn.
The Human Body Exhibition has just opened in Dublin's Ambassador Theatre and will feature more than 200 full and partial real bodies from people who donated their forms to science.
IN 1966, a science fiction film named Fantastic Voyage made news around the world for its sheer audacity of thinking up an idea that no one had ever thought about -- human miniaturised to such an extent that they can traverse through the human body without being detected by the body's defence systems as an alien.