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Human activity may be playing in climate change that is in turn affecting our coasts, but that role is hard to quantify.
Some 41 per cent of those taking part in the poll agreed that it has been established that climate change is largely due to human activity.
Today, as before, there was a "hard-line" group of about 20% who firmly refused to believe human activity had any impact on global warming, Dr Whitmarsh said.
In the past 20 years a number of studies have investigated the effects of human activity and infrastructure on behaviour, habitat selection, life history, and ultimately population dynamics of large ungulates (Singer and Beattie 1986, Andersen et al.
Overall, the transport of goods and people has generated about 15 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activity since preindustrial times, says Fuglestvedt.
How much human activity is, in fact, responsible for global warming?
When they encounter even the slightest sign of human activity, they turn inside out and sound the alarm.
Seeking answers is a sensible human activity," Chomsky connects science to religion and myth as "attempts to come to terms with the world.
One of those supporting the view that global warming is a real menace caused by human activity was Harvard scientist Daniel Schrag, who made a simple statement dismissing those who, like Carter, contradict the orthodox view.
Each region and state that seeks out help from my firm suffers from the usual affects that human activity wreaks upon the environment.
She wondered if human activity along the river was to blame for the pollution.
There is also no evidence that human activity can affect the global climate.
Clearings In The Forest: On The Study Of Leadership by Nathan Harter (Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership, Purdue University) employs the metaphor of a forest to discuss the philosophical aspects of analysis and synthesis with respect to the meaning and practice of leadership in human activity.
The fight to save bird species from becoming extinct could prove to be almost impossible because of human activity, Birmingham scientists have claimed.