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IN reply to Paul Woods' letter, (`Save our Planet', ECHO letters, January 19), I would like to know on what research he bases his assumption that human activity influences the geological activity that he describes.
1998), and Smith (2002) have used a variety of analytical approaches to assess the responses of bear populations to human activity on Alaskan streams.
The Soft Greens' sandpile theory underlies their worrisome faith in the so-called precautionary principle, which demands the impossible requirement that every human activity be proved safe before it is allowed to go forward.
Taking off from Marx's statement that "idealism does not comprehend praxis, as it is devoid of 'sensuous human activity or real, lived experiences,' "Jones implies that, because of his idealism, Toomer did not know "real, sensuous activity as such" (3-4).
Soil may develop in place (in situ) or after being deposited by wind, water, animals, or human activity.
As a result PVC finds use in an extensive range of applications in virtually all areas of human activity, including medical equipment, construction applications such as flexible roof membranes, pipes and window profiles, toys, automotive parts and electrical cabling.
Far more people than in recent years say they believe global warming is a serious threat, that the effects are happening now and that global warming is caused by human activity.
In the first study of its kind, scientists have calculated that the tropical forests absorb almost two billion ton of carbon each year in their bark, leaves and soil and the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions created by loss of trees, as a result of human activity.
Seeking answers is a sensible human activity," Chomsky connects science to religion and myth as "attempts to come to terms with the world.
Greenberg (Professor of Public Health and Emergency Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine, Medical College Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Division of Toxicology), Encyclopedia Of Terrorist, Natural, And Man-Made Disasters covers all major toxicological incidents whether they were the result of human activity or unassisted products of nature.
Even if you took nine out of 10 people out of the Los Angeles basin and eliminated human activity, you still wouldn't attain the standard,'' said Steven Douglas, director of environmental affairs for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.
Pursuing adaptive reuse only insofar as he transforms this glut into art, he investigates the ephemeral nature of knowledge and the almost immediate redundancy of most human activity.
Our broadening realization of the interconnectivity of well-being among species and ecosystems must bring new perspective to environmental health if we are to deal successfully with the dynamics of global change and human activity.
According to Michael Molitor, an earth-systems scientist and senior technical adviser for the movie, "The basic idea of the film--that human activity leads to an abrupt climate change event with nasty consequences--is based on robust science.
In other words, no level of taxation on human activity will satisfy those who regard the human race as a blemish on the surface of Mother Earth.