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Immediacy with the ends for which we strive restores the natural integrity of human action and provides the satisfaction appropriate to ends.
In general media discussion a useful distinction has not always been made between the probable fact of the globe's warming - the majority (and establishment) view being that it definitely is - and the extent to which human action (or inaction) may be responsible for this phenomenon.
According to the Study more than half of Americans believe that climate change is a result of human action such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.
Therefore, it would have been helpful for him to begin with a brief introduction regarding the nature of human action and its implications, and then proceeded to a discussion of the market process approach to economics.
A crisis is a human action and a human action is also behind solidarity.
First, consider Bishop's essay in which he contends that CTA promises to reconcile the ethical perspective, in which we hold one another morally responsible, and the naturalistic perspective, in which human action is amenable to scientific explanation.
TUNIS (TAP) - Tunisian Blogger and activist Lina Ben M'henni, better known as "Tunisian Girl" on her blog, was awarded on Thursday the Rome Prize for Peace and Human Action.
Rural children will no doubt laugh at the absurdity of the comic events and recall their own stories of wayward animals and ineffective human action and enjoy the climactic resolution so ably depicted in a dramatic pop-out explosion of colour and action at the end of the story.
Thinking this could be unthinking human action following the consumption of a lovely bar of Co-op chocolate, I picked up the bits and put them in the bin.
How else do you explain what's just happened to Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson, if it wasn't some heavenly body pointing out that every bad human action sparks a reaction?
This superb book highlights the coherence of Aquinas's theology of divine and human action in the context of God's ordering of all things.
17) At least insofar as human action is concerned, people can do only one thing at a time.
Most recently, they have pushed the "precautionary principle," which in the extreme version would ban all human action if taken to an extreme.
Ludwig von Mises's Human Action then continued this expansion; and, Spiegel (1991, p.
In other words, does reflection on human action justify the formulation of prescriptive propositions, or is it merely delineable in descriptive terms?