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We may attempt to shake them off, but they are always returning, and in every sphere of science and human action are tending to go beyond facts.
And you, in turn, - or so it seems to me, - leave out the biological factor, the very stuff out of which has been spun the fabric of all the arts, the warp and the woof of all human actions and achievements.
Keggs shook his head deprecatingly, as one who, realizing his limitations, declines to attempt to probe the hidden sources of human actions.
He noted that if used excessively, the narcotic could be addictive and affect the coordination of the human action.
To extract the judicial information from given video sequences ling shao et al [9] proposed a system using wavelet transform based descriptors for representation and recognition of human action.
Bag of visual words is a popular model in human action recognition, but usually suffers from loss of spatial and temporal configuration information of local features, and large quantization error in its feature coding procedure.
The switches require no human action, allowing the electric operation center to restore an outage almost instantly, according to the utility.
Human action segmentation and recognition via motion and shape analysis is described by (Guha and Ward, 2012).
Human action recognition is an important research direction in computer vision field because of the requirement of real-world application, such as video indexing, video surveillance, and human-computer interaction [1-3].
He interpreted economics as a branch of the broader study of human action, which he named praxeology.
2014), "Freedom and Constraint in Human Action," Journal of Russian and East European Psychology 49(4): 5-30.
Immediacy with the ends for which we strive restores the natural integrity of human action and provides the satisfaction appropriate to ends.
In general media discussion a useful distinction has not always been made between the probable fact of the globe's warming - the majority (and establishment) view being that it definitely is - and the extent to which human action (or inaction) may be responsible for this phenomenon.
According to the Study more than half of Americans believe that climate change is a result of human action such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.
Human action recognition has been in great demand in the field of pattern recognition, given its direct relation to video surveillance, human-computer interaction, and ambient-assisted living (AAL), among other application scenarios.