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The statement referred to the hugeness of the challenges imposed by the terrorist aggression against Syria, affirming that the Syrian Arab Army has been greater than these challenges as it has been able to defy and overcome them and it has been an example to follow in sacrifice and heroism.
One photo showed the glass stands on which huge balls made of white roses were arranged, while in the background the fugitive businessman's Tseri version of the palace of Versailles was majestically lit up so we could all get an idea of its hugeness.
It's a measure of the hugeness of his presence that people think it's never going to be the same.
It's hard to explain--an aimless, modern sense of claustrophobia and escape, of desperate camaraderie, of moving between hugeness and smallness.
Maybe I can grow it and fling it out the window like a morbidly obese Rapunzel so people can climb up it and visit me, since I've probably blocked the door with my hugeness.
The Hobart organiser, ATMS Life Member and former President Bill Pearson, who runs Jian Shen School of Tai Chi and Qigong in Hobart, said recently of the event, It's common to view the videos from all Asian countries participating but when you get the information from Iran, El Salvador, Cyprus, Poland, Lithuania, Ecuador, Peru and many other countries you begin to realise the hugeness of this event'.
One indication of the hugeness of a band is when the tribute acts start to become as starry as those in whose glory they bask.
Shivering out from under the Mexican blanket in his guest bedroom, I dimly recall the two of us dancing in his backyard and expounding upon the hugeness of the universe.
So exposing them to the hugeness of school can bring out anxiety, bedwetting and difficulties with sleep among other signs.
The main thing you have to understand about the Grand Depart is the hugeness of it," Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Gary Verity said.
Considering the hugeness of our case, rarely seen in world reports the common differential diagnosis kept in mind included vulval filarial elephantiasis or elephantiasis nostras, following tubercular lymphatic obstruction.
With one pulsation of My Will, I gave rise to worlds upon worlds from nothingness and hurled them like luminous fine dust into the hugeness of [the] heavens' vault.
Driving across "the continental sprawling hugeness of America" (457), Bruce Mason thinks,
Attentive and perceptive, she "isolates cases from the mists of hugeness, sees what is there all the more definitely" with the result that she is "skeptical withal," "cannot believe in miracles," and "refuses to be bamboozled" (11).