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Islamic laws stating the limits ordained by Allah and including the deterrent punishments for serious crimes

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The group suggestions were focused on labour issues/laws particularly child labour, women rights, Hudood laws, provision of speedy justice and human rights in FATA reforms.
However, under the Musharraf regime (1999-2008), there were some noteworthy developments in the advancement of women's rights over the past decade, including the restoration of reserved parliamentary seats for women and the reform of the Hudood Ordinance (The Middle East Institute, Washington, DC, 2009).
The 12-track album features an intro, outro and 10 songs, including YouTube sensations "Mashiha," "Dag Nazef," "Wled Al Ared" and "Bedoon Ay Hudood," Nina's solo song.
29 Mohammad bin Isma'il Imam Bukhari, Sahih Bukhari, Kitabul Hudood [86] Bab: Karahiatu shafaa'te fel Hudoode iza rufia' ila ssultan [12] Hadith:6788 (Berut: Darul Fikar, 1414).
Also it called to issue a decree ending the use of corporal punishments for hudood offences that violate "public order" as enumerated in the 1991 Criminal Code Act and state-level public order laws.
However, certain policies for example Jama'at support to Zia ul Haq in 1985 referendum, support to the government on Hudood laws and the formation of IJI, an alliance of religio-political parties against the PPP in 1988 election dissatisfied him and forced him to raise voice against the same inside the Jama'at and suggested constitutional reforms in the Jama'at.
Amendments to the Hudood laws and passage of Women Protection Bill have not proved effective enough to ensure protection and safety to women.
The Sharia principles of the Hudood ( literally limits' specifically those defined by the Quran and the Hadith)' Qisas ( basically the eye- for- an- eye) and Tazir ( the new laws like those against drugtrafficking)' all have provisions for capital punishment.
The session is being organized by Mariam Hudood, mother of two deaf children who strongly feels that promoting sign language in Arabic will help normal people to communicate better with those not as fortunate and encourage everyone to learn it.
Meanwhile, an official of the ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights told committee members that it was written in the Constitution that there will be no restriction on the drinking of alcohol by non-Muslims and that it is also part of the Hudood Ordinance, the report said.
According to some of the police records for 1983, in all provinces of Pakistan, a minimum of 1,682 women faced trial for offences solely under the Hudood Ordinances.
12) Due to this confusion, there had been a large number of women in jails, who contracted a second marriage after being orally divorced by their husbands and later the ex-husbands denied that they had divorced them; the women were thus charged with zina (fornication) under the notorious Hudood Ordinance.
The most criticized laws for discriminating against women were the Hudood Ordinances introduced in 1979.
Zia's so-called Hudood laws (Hudood loosely means restrictions in Arabic) have been instrumental in locking up thousands of women for adultery because they accused men of raping them without producing four Muslim witnesses as required under strict Shariah law.
The subject we are going to discuss which is on the maxim(Prevention of Hudood on doubts and dispute over what is considered doubt and what is not).