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Islamic laws stating the limits ordained by Allah and including the deterrent punishments for serious crimes

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The sessions will help people who have a hard time communicating with the hearing-impaired as well as those eager to learn sign language," Hudood said.
A national level study conducted in 1998 by the government of Pakistan for Dar-ul -Amans(shelter for women) mentioned that a staggering 21 percent of women were facing Hudood cases against them.
Zia's so-called Hudood laws (Hudood loosely means restrictions in Arabic) have been instrumental in locking up thousands of women for adultery because they accused men of raping them without producing four Muslim witnesses as required under strict Shariah law.
The subject we are going to discuss which is on the maxim(Prevention of Hudood on doubts and dispute over what is considered doubt and what is not).
A thousand women are victim to 'honour' killings each year, while 5,000 are imprisoned under the Hudood Ordinance' - laws introduced 'in 1979 to bring conformity with Islamic law - for sex outside marriage, including being raped.
In judicial life, it means rigorous justice, a higher burden of proof than western courts, and trying to prevent punishments as much as possible; but if (at the end of due process) punishment was necessary, the implementation of Hudood punishments (under certain well-defined conditions) act as a deterrent.
He also passed into law the Hudood Ordinance, which implemented harsh Quranic punishments for violations of Shari'a (Islamic law).
That the reprehensible Hudood Ordinance and the deep corruption in Pakistan allow the man to get off scot-free is an essay for another day.
According to Ahmed, the clubs claiming to withdraw from the Iraqi league include Talaba, Mina, Samawa, Hudood, Karikh, Mosul, and Diwaniyah.
An Examination of Possible International Human Rights Approaches Through the Continuing Reform of the Pakistani Hudood Ordinance, 17 DUKE J.
2) General Zia's administration adversely affected women's participation in all aspects of life through introducing highly discriminatory laws, such as the Hudood Ordinances (1979) and Qanun-e-Shahadat (Law of Evidence 1984), as well as issuing directives such as ordering government employees to adopt Islamic clothing.
Islam (the Hudood Ordinances, the Law of Evidence, (12) the Qisas and
Pakistan's controversial Hudood Ordinances, (67) particularly with regard to Zina (sex), are also discriminatory.
In an important step of progress, the Government enacted the Women's Protection Act, which amended the Hudood Ordinances, moving rape and adultery cases from the Shari'a to secular courts.