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a member of a huddle

a person who crouches

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b) Investment opportunities - A selected few get to pitch their ventures to investors and 'reverse pitch' opportunities allow investors to introduce themselves to Huddlers.
In the top 2000 forums alone, we see more than 275 million unique visitors per month and billions of monthly page views," said Huddler CEO, Dan Gill.
com, Forum Foundry, Huddler, Internet Brands, KickApps, Macworld, PCWorld, ReadWriteWeb, Technorati, Tom's Hardware, Posterous, and numerous others.
As the evening was winding down, I summed up to my fellow huddlers that Israel was insusceptible to compromise, diplomacy, coexistence, passive resistance, and certainly to full recognition of Palestinian rights.
Ms Jones, 27, a Huddlers field University graduate, previously worked for Marks &Spencer as a section manager at Manchester's flagship store, and prior to that was employed by leading shoe retailer Clarks.
When I got home I got my magnifying glass on it and found the wording very faint Ephraim Lockwood, Huddlers field.
I HAVE not yet seen the controversial Chinese granite set's in St George's Square, and as I try to avoid Huddlers field town centre as much as possible I do not think they will impact much on my aesthetic senses.