huddle together

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crowd or draw together

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4) Rebecca Tucker as Piney Woods and Korie Su Williams as The Duchess huddle together in ``The Outcasts of Poker Flat.
The well-groomed stroll amongst strictly regimented fairy lights, and the poor huddle together for a second or two of sleep in their endless working day; immigrant vendors do what they can to make a living and look English, and children hove themselves onto shore in images so immediate we can almost hear them panting.
Their only protection against cold is to huddle together.
When stripped of the cloak of an overall thematic, it turns out that artworks don't die but huddle together in natural or lightly directed communities; it also turns out that the human mind will seek unified field theories (or God-substitutes) even where none exist.
Typically, a few senior people huddle together to create a strategy, then they hand it over to someone else to turn it into action," says Tony Manning, business consultant and author of Making Sense of Strategy (Amacom, $19.
Under the leaves, hundreds of ladybugs huddle together, safe from snow and wind.
The adults have to huddle together in order not to freeze.
Five girls from Lincoln High School's cheerleading squad huddle together to make plans to pull off a bank heist.
Broiler chickens typically huddle together without moving much, says Roger Boyle, a computer specialist at Leeds.
She said: "I used to go 'knacker drinking' when I was 14 - you know, you go to the park, huddle together, drink two litres of cider, get hammered and then pass out.
The threat from the East obliged Western Europeans to huddle together and helped them to break bad habits.
We are entering TV's "Twilight Zone," where families will no longer huddle together around a glowing box in the living room during "prime time," where programming will be 24/7, portable, on-demand and limitless, where everything is about to change.
A group of children huddle together, frozen in terror, as bullets from an Israeli watchtower rip past them.
We show that when we huddle together at the end of matches.
NO FOOD: The family of ducks, who are living in a courtyard at Halton General Hospital, huddle together