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overbearing pride or presumption

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Forty years on from our entry into the EU we see "the project" plunge deeper into the misery and chaos it has brought on itself by its even more hubristic desire to give the EU its own currency and a federal government.
Storylines creaked like woodwork from the 18th Century, though it hardly mattered as the project was doomed from the start by the hubristic decision to put Quayside on ITV, directly in competition with EastEnders in the 7.
On second thoughts, perhaps five and a half minutes of hubristic wailing is much more Olympic Flame than Candle in the Wind.
Obama has the benefit (and foresight) of knowing from the start what his predecessor learned in his sixth year in power, which might mean fewer political and military mistakes, especially the hubristic kind.
Of course, this could ultimately signal the end for all those hubristic building societies that weren't happy with their fuddy-duddy mutual status and converted themselves into market-listed banks.
As a teenager he even wrote hubristic letters to himself, to be opened only when he achieved this glittering pinnacle of success.
The result is not only a triumph of form and style but a movie that single-handedly redeems that hubristic late-'90s phenomenon, the SoHo auteur.
Asked whether reference to electing a potential future First Minister wasn't hubristic, given Plaid's disappointing election result in May, Ms Jones said: "Absolutely not.
But his difficulty is that when it comes to the economy, too many voters see him as part of the problem rather than part of the solution - thanks largely to his hubristic claims to have "abolished boom and bust".
So it is no surprise that the Beijing Games resemble the hubristic Games that beguiled the Fuehrer and enthralled the German masses in 1936.
The hubristic Galileo 'GPS' approach is not the answer.
The BBC becomes the EBC while the hubristic red-tops build up to a World Cup with an over-confidence that makes Simon Cowell seem neurotic.
On the question of who was to blame for the meltdown, however, David Cameron's Tories have an unassailable advantage, thanks largely to Gordon Brown's hubristic claim to have "abolished boom and bust".
Not a word is offered on Hizbullah's massive advantage in weapons and training over its rivals; no mention is made of its mini-state that on a daily basis defies the authority of the legal Lebanese state, or the brutality of the party's armed takeover of Beirut last month; nothing on the party's conscious intent to humiliate the Sunni community in the capital; nothing on its openly expressed pride in what it did, or on the dangerous, hubristic belief among its officials that when Hizbullah decides to resort to its weapons, against the Lebanese state or the Lebanese in general, there is simply nothing anyone can do about it.
Caroline Hughes' costumes were wonderfully inventive, especially the hubristic Cock and the darling little frog bouncing on a bright green space hopper.