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overbearing pride or presumption

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But his difficulty is that when it comes to the economy, too many voters see him as part of the problem rather than part of the solution - thanks largely to his hubristic claims to have "abolished boom and bust".
Caroline Hughes' costumes were wonderfully inventive, especially the hubristic Cock and the darling little frog bouncing on a bright green space hopper.
The result is not only a triumph of form and style but a movie that single-handedly redeems that hubristic late-'90s phenomenon, the SoHo auteur.
But like many other members of the human race I have from the cradle grown to abhor everything that pertains to the England soccer team - the xenophobic, hubristic and supremacist fervour of the media, the post-imperialist superiority complex of the fans and perhaps above all the fatuous expectation that the other home nations should join with them in their visigothic quest to conquer the world.
On the question of who was to blame for the meltdown, however, David Cameron's Tories have an unassailable advantage, thanks largely to Gordon Brown's hubristic claim to have "abolished boom and bust".
No matter, says the IFS, that is cyclical stuff and for all his hubristic boasts about ending 'boom and bust', not even this Chancellor has abolished the business cycle.
It was a far cry from the hubristic Budgets delivered by Gordon Brown, when he tried to outbid the Conservatives as a tax cutter and boasted of presiding over the longest period of sustained economic growth in UK history.
But the effect was the same - a politician pointlessly trying to dodge a journalist's question when he has already damned himself out of his own, hubristic mouth.
Only Mr Mandelson could be so hubristic as to believe his fall from grace was a "technicality" rather than the result of his own idiocy.
Culture Minister Barbara Follett "The claim to have abolished boom and bust was one of the most foolish, one of the most hubristic, one of the most irresponsible claims ever made by a British Prime Minister"
In his hubristic bid to "lead Europe on climate change" (the thought of Mr Brown leading Europe on anything is risible) he told John Hutton, Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, to ignore the experts who warned that even a much lower target than 7,000, which represents one every half mile of coastline, was not achievable.
Of all those connected with the event only the hubristic Al Fayed continues to lift the funeral veil on the departed.
But he was at his most hubristic during Iain Duncan Smith's last stand at the Dispatch Box at Prime Minister's Question Time on October 29.
Unfortunately, this seems at best hubristic and at worst dangerous.
Among hubristic and larger-than-life personalities, Fellows questions his values as the machinations of the power players become bloody.