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overbearing pride or presumption

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However, American hubris blinded them to the reality that there are limits to their power and like any empire in history they have overreached.
The dictator's hubris came to a tragic end when he was ousted from power and exiled.
While many will appreciate Horne's masterful grasp of history and his ability to tie together events that seemingly do not cohere, his habit of ascribing many of the decisions, actions, and outcomes in his examples to hubris ignores the reality that war is inherently complex.
Are mythomania and hubris syndrome treated effectively in Turkey?
In today's stunningly complex financial system, hubris strangely has shifted into high gear.
We illustrate that cultural contexts give rise to differences in the social influence of executive hubris.
Former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka has enough hubris to scare the common people even though he has not won a high political office.
And many books have already been written, with many more certain to follow, that attempt to explain the decision to invade Iraq in 2003; American hubris is but one of the multiple causes for a moment in history that we know for certain will never result in a book subtitled "The System Worked.
Beinart sees the post-World War II era as fostering an ethic of toughness, a hubris that President Dwight Eisenhower for a time was able to deflect by scrupulously avoiding the commitment of U.
Webster's dictionary defines hubris as arrogance and/or excessive pride (Webster, 2002).
Israeli hubris increased -- but what happened in Dubai should be a lesson.
FROM the bad pun of their name to their constant referencing of the Velvet Underground, hubris has perhaps always been the Dandys' greatest talent.
It's hubris, of course, but we tend to imagine that the scale of modern events, from Olympic opening ceremonies to summer floods, is somehow grander than anything yet seen.
Ego check; why executive hubris is wrecking companies and careers and how to avoid the trap.
Tech companies aren't the only places where such corporate kings emerge, of course; problems at Merck, NASA and Vivendi are also profiled as cases in which executive hubris resulted in devastating incidents or losses.