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overbearing pride or presumption

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Mythomania is a psychological term for a syndrome in which an individual lies repeatedly for no reason, while hubris syndrome is defined by an overestimation of one's importance and abilities.
Today the euro project looks like a case of hubris on steroids.
We illustrate that cultural contexts give rise to differences in the social influence of executive hubris.
If hubris is one of the traits that marks our failures, it cannot explain our many successes; American foreign policy is too large a subject to wrap up neatly with one concept.
219) for the hubris of toughness with a finesse that leaves Beinart somewhat astonished.
Far more stinky and overpowering than the booze was the hubris of Mel's following threat, as detailed in the police report: "Gibson almost continually threatened me, saying he 'owns Malibu' and will spend all of his money to 'get even' with me.
The exhibition's tone, while generally lighthearted, had an existential undercurrent, evoking thoughts of man's hubris in the face of mortality and physical transience.
Curb the boomer hubris and yuppie arrogance that presumes economic forces exist at and for their pleasure instead of the other way around.
If only the location of Osama bin Laden were as easy to discover as the identity of the "anonymous" author of Imperial Hubris, an insider's view of the search for bin Laden and a critique of the overall war on terrorism.
Everyone reading Imperial Hubris will agree on one point, and perhaps only one point: Imperial Hubris is a bold and provocative work.
And for those who supported Bush, I would point out that many were driven by hubris, rage, and lust for revenge at any cost.
miscalculation in Iraq is a result of hubris given intellectual legitimacy and cover by Lewis and his acolyte Fouad Ajami.
There will be no more Imperial Hubris books," commented a CIA official.
They will be like Shakespeare's King Lear, whose tragic hubris resulted in his destruction.
The Golden Chain is informed and informative reading which is most especially commended to the attention of philosophy students and the non-specialist general reader with an interest in how philosophy can free us from the chains of desire driven materialism and the rationalized hubris that is such a hallmark of contemporary western cultures.