howler monkey

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monkey of tropical South American forests having a loud howling cry

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A group of scientists have discovered that an evolutionary adaptation, which gave some howler monkeys louder calls to better mates, developed small testicles as a result.
There is even talk that the prolonged rain deficit might have something to do with a recent rash of deaths of howler monkeys.
Just after dawn, barbershop quartets of male howler monkeys echo over the canopy of Mexico's forests.
Survey of Alouatta caraya, the black-and-gold howler monkey, and Alouatta guariba clamitans, the brown howler monkey, in a contact zone, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: Evidence for hybridization.
The sporadic emergence of YFV in the Americas has been strongly associated with infection of red howler monkeys (Alouatta seniculus), which are particularly susceptible to disease.
pigra Lawrence, 1933 as the Species-Group Name for the Black Howler Monkey of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico.
The howler monkey study was part of Kelaita's doctoral dissertation work at U-M's Department of Anthropology.
So next time I'm in the grocery store and my son transforms into a rabid howler monkey over a toy, I'm not going to worry about what others think.
And from the wooden deck outside, which had a panoramic view over the Golfo Dulce, we heard the unmistakable growl-cum-groan of a black howler monkey in thick vegetation.
Beside human mummies, there is a mummified dog, lizard, fish, rat, hyena, cat, squirrel, falcon and a howler monkey from Argentina, Corwin said.
Beside human mummies, there is a mummified bog dog, lizard, fish, rat, hyena, cat, squirrel, falcon and a howler monkey from Argentina, Corwin said.
The premise is sophisticated, a novel about the Holocaust with two talking animals, a donkey and a howler monkey.
The team is especially excited about the primate skull, one of the few found in the entire Caribbean, and believes it may belong to a type of howler monkey that is now extinct in the Caribbean.
The silence is shattered only by the screech of a howler monkey living in the surrounding jungle of Honduras.