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Synonyms for how-do-you-do

an awkward situation


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an expression of greeting

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A couple of years ago, the official state Constitution Revision Commission, addressing many of the same problems, couldn't get a how-do-you-do either from the governor (Pete Wilson), who had appointed most of its members, or from an indifferent Legislature, which seemed utterly lacking in any interest in the issue.
We were introduced, it was all how-do-you-do and pleasedto-meet-you, and as he walked away the Wealdstone manager turned round and said: 'He's going to take your place one day'.
Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do," he grumbled as he showed me the boldfaced "Guidelines for Receiving Communion" that spelled out the letter of the (canon) law: "It is a consequence of the sad divisions in Christianity that we cannot extend to [non-Catholic Christians] a general invitation to receive Communion.
MONTY PANESAR has never even met Shane Warne - but their first how-do-you-do could settle this winter's Ashes battle.
He added: "Wasn't that a nice how-do-you-do for your children to know their father was in jail?