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a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines

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The icebreaking operations will be carried out by a hovercraft, either the CCGS Mamilossa or the CCGS Sipu Muin - an air-cushioned vehicle with engines that produce a noise similar to that of an aircraft.
Grayslake teammates Cale Amador and Miriya Vo attribute their success in the hovercraft competition to trial and error.
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Nov 26 ( ANI ): Indian Coast Guard's (ICG) hovercraft vessel crashed into a country boat near Kurusadai island in Rameswaram, leaving one fisherman injured.
They entered a competition and the prize was to make a hovercraft so they built it in his garage.
With a theme of using technology for coastal clean-up, the students designed a battery-powered hovercraft capable of cleaning the coastline offshore and onshore.
Hoylake RNLI said its hovercraft was launched in darkness and in thick swirling fog to search along the shoreline to ensure there were no other people on the sandbanks.
Sixty years after British inventor Christopher Cockerell demonstrated the principles of the hovercraft using a cat food tin and a vacuum cleaner, the event will span five days and be held at Cliff Lakes from July 27-31.
The hovercraft had lost power to its propulsion fan, so the pilot beached the craft approximately one and a half miles north west of the lifeboat station.
The museum has 65 hovercraft in different states of repair, ranging from small one-seaters to the largest hovercraft ever made, the SRN4.
Try testing the hovercraft on different surfaces and see which type of surface works best.
Students had to first research the history of the hovercraft, before watching a fiveminute how-to clip, and then getting to work on their own designs.
PLANS to set up a hovercraft link between North Wales and the Wirral in time for summer have been sunk because of finance difficulties.
particularly in the fields of bridges, roads, hovercraft, fishing and marine archaeology, Gift pioneered the use of prestressed concrete, along with an innovative approach to construction to achieve very low-cost structures.
A hovercraft service may soon link the picturesque Hawar Islands with strategic entry points to the country like Bahrain International Airport and King Fahad Causeway, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
As a boy and wannabe engineer, I was impressed by cool technologies I first saw in science fiction, especially communicators, jetpacks, and hovercraft.