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a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines

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Senior Hovercraft Commander Graham Lowe said: "We found three teenagers on a sandbank but cut off from the shore.
Abbie Chrisp from Hirst Middle school tries out the hovercraft pupils at the school built which uses leaf blowers as a power source
Commanding officer Robert Gaw said: "The hovercraft is a leftover from an old squadron which let it get into disrepair.
The fashion show was staged between 0800 and 0900, giving passengers the chance to see the latest trends in casual wear all made from sustainable materials, bringing the fashion cat walk onto the hovercraft for the first time.
THE team behind a bid to launch a hovercraft service between North Wales and Liverpool have Wpresented their plans to the UK Government and are now seeking finance to make their vision a reality.
The hovercraft or air cushion vehicle is commanded by Commandant Shatrujeet Singh.
Ian Thornton, duty officer in command at the lifeboat station, added: "We are fortunate to have one of the four operational hovercraft in the RNLI service, a very versatile craft that has proved its worth time after time.
Dundee City Council, which owns and operates Scotland's Dundee Airport, has ordered a five-seat Griffon 375TD hovercraft from Griffon Hovercraft Limited (GHL).
Instantly, a medical triage officer appears on the car's screen, confirms the victim's name, locates the hovercraft by means of the Global Positioning System, and accesses John's universal health record.
Hovercraft services from Dover to Calais will operate an hourly shuttle service from 6am to 8pm, while Sea Cat services from Folkestone to Boulogne and Dover to Ostend provide fast alternatives.
The type of hovercraft envisaged, which are already in use in the Chinese section of the Mekong, can travel at speeds of 40-50 kph and accommodate 23 passengers, in addition to a crew of five.
The Oosumi is scheduled to make similar equipment deliveries by hovercraft to Dili on April 5 and Oecussi on April 9, arriving from the northern Australian city of Darwin, according to U.
He alerted Coastguards who, in turn, called out the Burnham hovercraft.
The hovercraft is a dramatic innovation in modern warfare technology and requires outstanding graphics capabilities.
In Terre Haute, the World Hovercraft Championships will be held on the Wabash River Sept.