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The numbers of kids being killed on our roads last year doubled and most of those were in housing estates.
Large scale housing estates are typical neighbourhoods reminding us about fast post WWII developments.
The Camp Hill village centre is the latest phase in the regeneration of the housing estate.
The plans form Redrow's 19th application to build a pounds 60m housing estate in the grounds of the Grade II-listed Hall, in Knotty Ash.
The proposal for a large housing estate is contained in the Unitary Development Plan and has been opposed by all local councils and several public meetings.
With contextual analysis, the researchers developed origin and destination plots for three superspreading event clusters: Prince of Wales Hospital, Amoy Gardens, and Lower Ngau Tan Kok Housing Estate.
Some 30 people have caught the disease in lower Ngau Tau Kok public housing estate, just a road from Amoy Gardens, a private housing estate where an outbreak occurred with nearly 300 infections.
Residents on a Walsall housing estate are fuming after their 12 ft street lamps were replaced by 30ft motorway-style lights - because of new EU regulations.
They too live in a public housing estate, near Birmingham.
Construction of Coega Ridge housing estate project a mixed-use development in the Eastern Cape.
A CAR was torched in the early hours of Saturday morning on a Wrexham housing estate plagued by arsonists.
LOCAL MPs hold talks with Peel over masterplan for the airport - once again they do not seem to grasp the fact that the majority of their voters do not want a housing estate built on the venue.
com or call 0191 201 6069 CRUDDAS PARK, in the west end of Newcastle, marked the end of an era as the housing estate replaced run-down residential areas of the 1950s.
RESIDENTS of a close-knit housing estate on the edge of Caerphilly are to reap the benefits of a new outdoor picnic and play facility thanks to the work of local apprentices.
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