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Synonyms for lotto



Synonyms for lotto

a game in which numbered balls are drawn at random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards

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The housey-housey deal was done after Mr Blair and his wife Cherie saw the flat at the top of No 10 with its four tiny bedrooms for the first time on Friday.
LOTTERY millionaire Doug Wood has been playing housey-housey since he hit the jackpot.
1 Defend (7) 5 Public performer (7) 16 In proportion (3,4) 17 Riches, wealth (8) 18 Company bigwig (9) 19 State west of Montana (5) 20 Convent lady (3) 21 Ford - - -, Still Game star (7) 22 Bombastic nonsense (3,3) 23 Canadian waterfall (7) 25 Hindu deity (7) 26 Expand (5) 27 Housey-housey (5) 29 Pronto
And recalling that bingo used to be called housey-housey might make a few choke on the mince pies.
It will be open housey-housey at bingo halls as membership rules are finally swept away.