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the work of cleaning and running a house


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He said India will be the first country to sign houseworker recruitment deals following a similar step with the Philippines at the beginning of the current Hijri year.
I hope houseworkers see kindness instead of being abused.
Throughout the world, with the exeception of Canada, according to the May Day website, all people will come together across lines of race, class, gender and religion to challenge the system that creates divisions by holding a one day general strike which includes workers, students, immigrants, professionals and houseworkers.
3%; 3 out of 11) significantly higher than that in persons without an apparent risk like mechanics, houseworkers and students (9.
i) Occupational Safety and Health Administration Training for Mushroom Packing HouseWorkers.
Despite the drift away from domestic work in the last 50 years, it still remains one of the largest of women's occupations, the National Institute of Houseworkers states in its report for the year.
This parallels another well-known economic fact: the number of houseworkers and the value of their work are hard to measure.
Obviously, houseworkers should be paid a living wage and have health and pension benefits (preferably, in my opinion, through a union).